Sharethrough partners with White Bullet to secure a safer digital advertising landscape

In a significant move towards a more secure and ethical open web, White Bullet, a pioneering company specializing in IP protection and cyber safety, has announced its partnership with Sharethrough, a global leader in independent omnichannel ad exchanges. This partnership is poised to revolutionize the digital advertising landscape, ensuring enhanced cyber safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

Starting from August 31st, 2023, Sharethrough will seamlessly integrate White Bullet’s invaluable cyber risk data into its exchange platform. This integration will serve as a robust safeguard, preventing the placement of advertisements on websites and apps that harbor piracy or child safety risks. Notably, these protective services were formerly available as optional add-ons to Sharethrough clients but will now be integrated as standard features across all of the company’s products.

Sharethrough’s omnichannel supply-side platform is distinguished by its advanced Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology and its dedication to elevating the advertising experience. This partnership aligns with Sharethrough’s mission to foster a more secure, cleaner, and sustainable advertising ecosystem by bridging publishers and advertisers with cutting-edge technological innovation.

“As an ad exchange, we manage billions of impressions and ad requests each day. We take sustainability, cybersafety, and piracy very seriously, and White Bullet is perfectly aligned with our ethics and future-forward approach.” stated Frank Maguire, the Vice President of Insights, Strategy, & Sustainability at Sharethrough. “We look forward to working together to build a more ethical internet, delivering the highest quality inventory as we continue toward our goal to be carbon zero by 2030.”

“We are delighted to partner with Sharethrough at a time when there is growing awareness among leading brands and advertisers of the need for innovative solutions to tackle illegal online activities alongside the need for smarter media choices.” adds Peter Szyszko, Founder and CEO of White Bullet. “Sharethrough shares our desire to help customers with their legal and moral obligations to protect internet users – especially children – and stop criminals making money. Our joint mission is a cleaner, safer, higher-performing media ecosystem and, with our market-leading platforms, data and technologies, we are even stronger together.”

White Bullet’s cutting-edge technology is providing clients with unparalleled safety and a maximized return on ad spend across an expanding array of global territories. Their platform offers the transparency required to prevent advertisements from being misplaced on risky publishers and to meet ad regulatory requirements in real-time. By continuously monitoring digital and connected ecosystems, encompassing web, mobile, OTT/CTV, search, and social media, White Bullet’s technology can effectively detect and score instances of risk, contributing to a safer and more trustworthy digital advertising environment. 

These developments will surely make advertisers happy, particularly because brand safety is a key priority for them, as seen in a poll conducted in March

On the other hand, a recent report showed a 17% average rate of invalid traffic (IVT) in open programmatic advertising across desktop web, mobile web, and mobile apps in Q2 2023. 

Additionally, back in March, Sharethrough announced a partnership with attention measurement startup Adelaide to provide advertisers with attention-based curated inventory. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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