Uber Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

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What is Uber?

Founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp, and Oscar Salazar, Uber is a San Francisco based ride-sharing mobile application that allows users to request a ride anywhere, anytime they want.

Company Overview

HeadquarterSan Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
Number of Employees85.000+
Founded DateMar 2009
FoundersTravis Kalanick, Garrett Camp, and Oscar Salazar
Website http://www.uber.com
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Uber Revenue Statistics (2022)

Uber revenue for Q4 2021 was $5.78 billion, up 83% compared to Q4 2020. Uber revenue for the full year 2021 was $17.4 billion, up 57% year-over-year.

Uber Revenue
Q4 2021$5.78 billion
Q3 2021$4.84 billion
Q2 2021$3.93 billion
Q1 2021$3.75 billion
Q4 2020$3.16 billion
Q3 2020$2.81 billion
Q2 2020$1.91 billion
Q1 2020$3.25 billion
Q4 2019$3.73 billion
Q3 2019$3.53 billion
Q2 2019$3.17 billion
Q1 2019$2.76 billion
Q4 2018$2.64 billion
Q3 2018$2.65 billion
Q2 2018$2.57 billion
Q1 2018$2.43 billion
Q4 2017$2.28 billion
Q3 2017$1.98 billion
Q2 2017$1.63 billion

Uber reported gross bookings of $25.9 billion in the fourth quarter 2021, up 51% year-over-year. For the full year 2021, Uber gross bookings reached $90 billion.

For Q1 2022, Uber expected to have gross bookings of $25 billion to $26 billion and Adjusted EBITDA of $100 million to $130 million. (Uber)

YearUber Gross Bookings
2021$90 billion
2020$57.9 billion
2019$65 billion
2018$49.8 billion
2017$34.4 billion
2016$18.8 billion

In November 2021, Uber closed the acquisition of logistic company Transplace for $2.25 billion. (Uber)

Uber User and Usage Statistics (2022)

+ In the forth quarter of 2021, Uber monthly active users reached 118 million, 27% year-over-year.

YearUber Monthly Active Users
2021118 million
202093 million
2019111 million
201891 million
201768 million
201637 million
201511 million

Uber reported 1.77 billion trips for Q4 2021, up 23% year-over-year.

Uber Trips
20216.3 billion
20204.9 billion
20196.9 billion
20185.21 billion
20173.79 billion

Uber lays off 3700 employees, representing about 14% of its workforce in May 2020. (CNBC)

Uber News

Uber to acquire Postmates for $2.65 Billion 

Uber loses $1.1 billion in the last quarter of 2019

What is Uber Eats (Delivery)?

Founded in 2014, Uber Eats is Uber’s food delivery platform that brings customers and local restaurants together.

HeadquarterSan Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
Number of Employees101 – 250
Founded DateAug 2014
Crunchbase ProfileProfile Link

Uber Eats (Delivery) Revenue Statistics (2022)

Uber Eats revenue for Q4 2021 was $2.4 billion, up 78% year-over-year.

Uber Eats Revenue
Q4 2021$2.4 billion
Q3 2021$2.23 billion
Q2 2021$1.96 billion
Q1 2021$1.74 billion
Q4 2020$1.35 billion
Q3 2020$1.13 billion
Q2 2020$0.78 billion
Q1 2020$0.52 billion
Q4 2019$0.73 billion
Q3 2019$0.64 billion
Q2 2019$0.59 billion
Q1 2019$0.53 billion
Q4 2018$0.43 billion
Q3 2018$0.39 billion
Q2 2018$0.34 billion
Q1 2018$0.28 billion

Uber Eats saw an increase of 67% in gross bookings in the last quarter 2021 with $13.4 billion, compared to the same period last year.

Uber Eats User and Usage Statistics

+ UberEATS scored at #1 or #2 in the 2021 Food and Drink app chart by monthly active users across 8 countries.

+ UberEats is available in more than 500 cities across 35 countries. (UberEats)

+ In the last quarter of 2019, the number of meals ordered on UberEats is 15 million. (Business Insider)

+Uber Eats users have given $3 million in direct contributions to restaurants using the “support this restaurant” feature in response to the COVID-19.  (Techcrunch)

Uber Eats News

Uber acquired CornerShop to deliver orders from groceries

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