The 10 Best Selfie Apps for iPhone

Selfies that have entered our lives with social media have become an inseparable element of collecting memories. But having the best phone isn’t enough for the perfect selfie. You can make the final touches with the applications that will prepare the selfies you have taken for sharing. In this article, we have brought together the best selfie apps for iPhone that will help you take and share the perfect selfie.

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The Best Selfie Apps for iPhone


Offering more than 200 filters, more than 50 editing tools, special effects, and stickers, BeautyPlus is one of the most popular selfie apps in the App Store with 800 million users. In the app, you can easily do many editing operations such as removing acne and blemishes, enlarging your eyes and getting rid of dark circles, whitening your teeth, and changing the background by removing an object or person from a photo. For fun selfie stickers and more effects, you need to purchase the app’s premium subscription.

BeautyPlus on the App Store


In Facetune, one of the best selfie apps for iPhone, you can add highlights or darken your hair, relieve the tiredness in your eyes, apply make-up, and cover up the blemishes on your face. For your selfie videos, the app offers a hair and face retouching editor, filters, effects, and a Denoise feature to adjust the background sound.

Facetune2 on the App Store

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Airbrush, one of the most popular photo editing apps, has all the features you need such as adding depth to your photos, adding volume to your hair, plumping up lips, and eye enlargement. Themed filters and light effects in the app are also quite sufficient.

Airbrush on the App Store


With over 100 million users, Perfect365 is one of the best selfie apps for iPhone with more than 30 makeup tools, more than 200 pre-set styles, and over 4000 makeup templates. You can also find video tutorials from YouTube artists and daily makeup and fashion tips in the app.

Perfect365 on the App Store

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You can use any of the 10 free presets in VSCO’s free photo editor. To edit your photos, you can import them into the app in raw form and perfect your selfies with editing tools and effects. The app, where you can find analog film effects and simple editing features, is a very popular option among iOS users with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

VSCO on the App Store


You can create your own filter and share it with your friends on B612, and you can create your best photos with daily updated AR effects and seasonal exclusive trendy filters. The app also provides the perfect recommendation for your face shape and creates your custom beauty style.

B612 on the App Store

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YouCam Perfect

On YouCam Perfect, which has more than 600 million downloads, you can beautify selfies by removing blemishes, smoothing wrinkles and skin, shaping facial features, and trying on live effects instantly to take snaps or record videos in one tap. 

YouCam Perfect on the App Store

Selfie Editor

Selfie Editor has a really easy-to-use interface that allows you to brighten tired eyes, adjust skin tone, remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles, slim your face in just a few touches, and more. It offers really realistic filters that will make your selfies shine. 

Selfie Editor on the App Store

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Offering 190+ filters to add a retro flair to your photos, you can adjust vignette, film grain or blur settings, take photos and videos with real-time filters and effects, or edit them from the album on your iPhone.

Retrica on the App Store


Last in our list of the best selfie apps for iPhone is Everlook, a face editor that provides plenty of features including  face retouching, body reshaping, adding height, abs, muscles, mustache, hairstyles and much more.

Everlook on the App Store

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