Selfie Type: Invisible AI-Powered Keyboard by Samsung

Samsung is about to make typing on smartphones and tablets much more fun and futuristic. Keep reading to find out how Selfie Type, one of the newest features of the technology giant, works.

Samsung recently announced a feature that would make typing on smartphones and tablets much more different and easier. This feature, called Selfie Type, will track your finger gestures using the front camera of your device with an artificial intelligence algorithm. This will make it easier for you to type on your phone or tablet as if you had a keyboard under your hands.

The Selfie Type project was developed by Samsung’s C-Lab team. It is not clear yet when the feature that looks quite exciting will meet the users. However, it is expected to be announced during CES 2020.

How Selfie-Type Works

What do you think about the new Samsung feature?

Written by Jordan Bevan


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