Kashmiri WhatsApp Users Have To ‘Register’ Their Groups With Police

How would you react if you had to register your WhatsApp group with the police? Yeah, that sounds very unusual. However, it is happening in Kashmir and Ladakh regions in northern India.

Internet access was cut off after the Indian government revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status on August 5th. Users in some areas can now use the Internet again. But local police have some strict rules for WhatsApp users.

The local publication Ladakh Times reported that Kargil police invited the leaders of WhatsApp groups to the nearest police station. The police is now recording the identity information of the group managers and demanding a photograph. Managers will also be responsible for the content shared in groups.

According to the local police, social media is used to share text, audio and video with provocative purposes to create an atmosphere of hate and fear among people. While the police state that their intention is to maintain order, there is currently no Indian law that requires people to register their online groups or be responsible for the content shared in those groups.

What do you think about this decision of the local police?

Written by Sophie Blake


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