What Are Playable Ads? Why Do They Matter?

Mobile app advertising industry keeps growing with the help of the advantages it provides. With mobile ads, brands and businesses get the chance to interact with their target audiences through their mobile devices. App developers also use these ads for mobile app monetization and they get the chance to make money out of their products. 

As the mobile app industry keeps growing, the number of ad formats also keeps rising. In this blog post, we’ll talk about one of the most efficient ad types: playable ads. Let’s start!

What Are Playable Ads?

It is a known fact that mobile ads can be very profitable if carried out carefully and properly. If not, they are very likely to bore users who display them. Playable ads model is a very good ad type if you want to interact with your users without bothering them.

Basically, playable ads are the ads that let users who see them play an application before downloading it. With this ad type, you have a chance to display your app to users and let them experience what they would experience if they download the application. 

Playable ads let users test your app without downloading it. The downloading process might be boring sometimes. It takes data, it takes time… Playable ads make it easier for users to experience mobile apps and decide if they want to download them or not.

Here is a playable ad example by CookieJam. As you can see above, users who display the ad are given the opportunity to try CookieJam for 60 seconds, without downloading it.  They are also shown an Install click on the top of the app which directs them to Google Play Store. 

Now that we talked about what playable ads are, let’s have a look at the reasons why this ad type matters. 

Why Do Playable Ads Matter?

There are many advantages that make this mobile ad type matter. 

  • High Conversion Rate

High conversion rate is one of the first things an advertiser wants to gain from his/her ad campaigns and playable ads make it very easy. 

Playable ads are usually not seen as real ads as users don’t feel like advertisers try to convince them to download an app. They feel free to do whatever they want to do and this makes the ad owner to get higher conversion rates. 

According to mNectar, playable ads offer 7 times higher conversion rates.

  • Playable Ads Aren’t Boring

Most of the users who encounter this ad type don’t feel interrupted. They are also given the chance to close the ad if they don’t want to download it. These make this ad type not-boring and differ it from other mobile ad types. 

  • Playable Ads Offer Higher Lifetime Value & Less Uninstall Rate

Of course, it is a good thing if users download your app through an advertisement. But you also want them to keep using your application and provide a high lifetime value, right? 

Users that are shown playable ads get to know about your app before downloading it. So it is less likely for them to uninstall your app after downloading it. This helps you get higher lifetime values and less uninstall rates.

  • Playable Ads Offer Real Tracking

It is so normal that you want to know how your ad campaign is going. This ad type offers real tracking, so you can measure your engagement rates faster.

  • Playable Ads Offer Higher App Monetization

If you get more downloads, your earnings will be more too. Mobile app monetization becomes easier and more profitable with playable ads. 

In this blog post, we talked about what playable ads are and why they are so important in the mobile app advertising industry. Feel free to ask your questions and share your opinions with us in the comment section below. You can also check our website for more articles about mobile marketing.

Written by Maya Robertson


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