Spelfie App Takes Your Photo From Space

Taking photos has become one of the easiest things in the world. A new mobile application adds another dimension to photographing. With Spelfie app you can take photos from space.

The new application called Spelfie allows you to take photos from space using Airbus satellites. With Spelfie, do not expect your face to appear on your photo. The satellite cameras aren’t that strong yet. However, with this application, you can take a photo of concerts, football matches, and such large events from space.

For example, last June with Spelfie, the first photo was taken in an environmental protest. Environmental activists who came together to draw attention to Indonesia’s plastic pollution on Bali Island formed the words ”Act Now” on the beach. Then they took its photo from space.

The story of the first photo taken with Spelfie appeared in the BBC documentary called Saving Our Beautiful Bali,  which tells the story of Isabel Wijsen’s efforts to fight with the environmental pollution in Bali. The documentary also featured a photograph of the environmental action taken with Spelfie.

Spelfie @Bali

“Spelfie is a movement of people who want to change the world and make a difference through social media and imagery. The power of a spelfie can help raise awareness globally, encouraging others to join in and want to make a difference, too, just as Isabel did for the Bye Bye Plastic Bags movement in Bali.” 

Chris Newlands, CEO of Scotland-based Spelfie

To take a picture of an event, the event must be registered first on the app. Once an event is approved and listed by Spelfie, you can select the event you have joined from the list. You will receive your photo on the same day you take it.

The cameras of the Airbus satellites that take photographs for Spelfie are optical cameras. Therefore, cameras cannot take pictures through the clouds. So when you plan a Spelfie, make sure that the weather is smooth. When the sky is covered with clouds, the only thing you will see is clouds.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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