Why & How You Should Reply To Your App Reviews

As in all marketing areas, user reviews are of great importance in the world of mobile marketing. Comments about a product or a service greatly influence the decision-making process of other users. User reviews also matter for mobile applications.

Especially before downloading an app, app reviews and ratings significantly affect users’ decision to download the application. These reviews are also very important for App Store Optimization. If you want to increase your app ranking, you should definitely take your app reviews into consideration.

In today’s article, we will talk about why and how you should reply to your app reviews. Let’s start!

Why Should You Care About App Reviews?

Users Care About Others’ Opinions

Like all other types of users, mobile users like to share their experiences with other users. And users care about other’s opinions.

In fact, according to Apptentive, 79% of consumers always check app ratings and reviews before downloading an app. This briefly summarizes how important app reviews are.

App Reviews Matter For ASO

As we mentioned in the beginning, mobile app reviews are also very important for ASO. This is because applications with positive reviews and high rates rank higher on app stores. This, of course, significantly affects apps’ download rates.

So, how should you reply to your app’s reviews?

How To Reply App Reviews In The Best Way

Be Solution-Oriented

In order to increase mobile user satisfaction, it is useful to respond carefully and constructively to the reviews made. In this way, each user can feel special. Especially when preparing a response to a negative review, you should think about how to turn the mobile experience into a positive state, and how to offer appropriate solutions to the user.

It may even affect the time spent on your app if your users feel that you care about them. This will help you to establish long-term and strong relationships.

Don’t Lose Time

You should know that mobile users will not wait for a long time for your response to their reviews. You need to reply to reviews as soon as possible so that you can keep the user’s interest in your app up-to-date. 

Also, quick replies will help you to beat your competitors. 

Pay Equal Attention To All App Reviews

Most mobile application owners pay attention to responding to negative comments before, in order to reduce the negative impact. However, you should know that all users need to be kept at an equal distance.

On the other hand, as the number of your users increases, the number of your app reviews will also increase in parallel, so it may not be possible to reply to each review at the same time. In this case, prioritizing comments based on their date, topic or a different strategy you set will make the things much easier for you.

It should not be forgotten that existing users have a big impact on your mobile application to reach a wider audience. Replying to user reviews will help you extend your user base. So, it is possible to conclude that user reviews definitely play an important role for the success of your mobile app.

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Written by Maya Robertson


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