What’s Wrong With Your App Store Optimization (ASO)?

If you’re reading this post, I assume that you know about app store optimization, aka. ASO. It basically includes optimizations to maximize the visibility of an application on app stores where it is offered to users and increase its downloads rates.

If you’re doing ASO and taking the right steps, your application will be more prominent than many other applications in the category in which it is located. Everybody makes mistakes but you should be very very careful while doing ASO. 

We prepared some ASO tips for you to be aware of the most common mistakes so that you can have a more powerful ASO strategy. Here are the most common ASO mistakes that you shouldn’t be doing.

Not Using The Right Keywords

When developing a mobile application, the process of finding the right keywords depending on the category of the application and the expectations of its target audience can be very challenging. At this point, however, it would not be very beneficial for your ASO to select only words with a high search volume that are not related to the application by acting independently of the needs of mobile users.

Instead, selecting keywords taking into consideration the area your mobile app focuses on, the functionality of your app, and the value it provides to users can make everything much more easier for you. 

So, our first ASO tip is: Use The Right Keywords! 

Not Paying Attention to Visuality

To think that ASO is merely a choice of keywords is one of the most common mistakes. However, visual elements that show how to use your application are highly effective in attracting mobile users. Therefore, it is useful to include a variety of images on your app’s in-store promotional page. This way, you can move your application’s download rates to the higher levels in a short time.

So, our second app store optimization tip: Care About The Visuality! 

Not Performing A/B Tests

Any disruption while using mobile applications can lead to a reduction in the time spent by users and even loss of users. At this point, you need to save the life of your app by testing it regularly, as well as analyzing your competitors and the market. 

You can read this blog posts for more about A/B testing

It wouldn’t be wrong to define app store optimization as a set of efforts that make your app stand out from the ever-increasing number of mobile apps. However, you should take the right steps and continue to make improvements that are consistent with the dynamics of the mobile application world. Otherwise, it is unfortunately not possible to stand out from the crowd of mobile apps in the market.

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Written by Maya Robertson


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