5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An App Name

Determining a name for an application is not as easy as it seems. Application names can often affect users’ decision to download or not. Application names that are very important for ASO are also one of the important elements that will allow users to remember the applications easily. “

Clear, comprehensible, easily pronounced, catchy application names are adopted and shared by users much faster. However, confusing, difficult to read and pronounce app names do not interest users.

For all these reasons, you need to be very careful when specifying an application name. Stay away from the 5 common mistakes we will now share with you in order to have a better app store optimization strategy and to achieve better results.

  1. Giving Your Website Name To Your Application

In particular, companies that want to create mobile applications for their customers consider giving the names of their websites to their applications. While this may seem a logical choice, this may not be the right choice if you don’t have a website that really gets high traffic. Assigning the name of an unknown website to an application may not benefit the application and the website. Generating a creative app name related to the function of the application may be more useful in this sense.

2- Being Too Creative

Yes, you need to be creative. But not too much! Being creative is a necessary feature for every field related to technology. However, some creative names might lead to a misunderstanding of the functions of the application. 

Choosing an app name that can directly describe the application may be better than forcing the user to think about what the application is. It will greatly affect your app store optimization. Just remember how simple and effective a name can be like Angry Birds.

3- Not Using Keywords

Using keywords is a must for a good ASO strategy. Users want to know the functions of an application before downloading it. It may be a good strategy if the name you give to the application evokes the functions of the application. Especially if your application is not a game application, it is an important step to increase your awareness even more. However, we should not only focus on the app name. Pay attention to the use of keywords in the description section too.

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4- Selecting Long Names

Choosing names that are long and not catchy is one of the most common mistakes when naming mobile apps. Game applications are very creative and can overcome this word limitation with short names. For other applications, it may be useful for visibility not to choose names longer than one or two words.

5. Using Words Hard To Pronounce

If an app name is hard to pronounce, it may cause users to forget the name. Applications with special characters, named words that are difficult to read and remember, are generally not in demand in stores. Use short, concise and attractive words.

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Written by Jordan Bevan


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