3 Simple Ways To Find Great ASO Keywords

The increasing number of mobile applications has made ASO a must for app owners. If you want to increase the app ranking of your mobile app and want it to be downloaded by more users, you have to pay attention to app store optimization.

One of the most important players in an effective app store optimization strategy is, of course, ASO keywords. If you’re not targeting the right app store optimization keywords, you’re not on your way to success. 

So, how to find effective keywords? As Mobile Marketing Reads, we will share with you 3 simple ways. Let’s start!

1. Brainstorming

As the creator of the app, only you can make the most successful choices in determining ASO keywords. Therefore, it may be useful to brainstorm yourself to determine keywords. In doing so, it is useful to take note of everything that comes into your mind about your application.

Then, with the help of these notes, you can create various keywords using the ones that will make it easier to find and highlight your app in stores.

Meanwhile, the algorithms of the application stores may not be able to detect singular and plural words in different languages. Therefore, it may be useful in this sense to specify both forms of words that can be searched as singular or plural.

2. Using Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google AdWords is one of the tools that can help you generate keywords for your mobile app. With the Google AdWords keyword planner, you can identify keywords and related ones that will work for your app store optimization.

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3. Analyzing Your Competitors

Another effective way to find great ASO keywords is analyzing your competitors. Considering that there are millions of apps in the Apple App Store, we can tell you that there are many apps that are similar to your app.

In this sense, you can benefit from your competitors who have developed similar applications before when determining keywords for your application.

In this blog, we talked about the 3 simple ways of generating ASO keywords. Feel free to share your recommendations or opinions with us in the comment section below and visit our website for more tips like this. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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