How To Get Your App Ready For The New Year

The new year, which symbolizes new beginnings, is coming soon and the excitement increases in the mobile world as in almost every field. Getting ready for the beginning of 2020, mobile users expect innovations that reflect this excitement from their frequently used mobile applications. In this respect, it is important for mobile application owners to respond to these expectations and optimize their mobile apps in line with the New Year period.

You can turn the beginning of the new year into a big advantage on behalf of your app marketinh and strengthen your app store optimization. As a matter of fact, in addition to satisfying your existing users, it is also highly possible to acquire new users for your mobile app. So what are the points to consider when preparing your mobile application for 2020?

Enrich Your Design

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors while choosing a mobile application is that it should provide an effective solution to a problem. In addition to the functionality, aesthetics also play a major role in app marketing and app store optimization. In this respect, it is also important to integrate the important periods of the year into the application design for user experience.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, it is a must step to enrich your application’s user interface design with visual elements related to the New Year such as a Christmas tree, gift package, snowflake and etc. It will greatly help your application reflect the Christmas atmosphere. In addition, it is important to remember that red and green tones are among the colours that are identified with the Christmas period.

By enhancing your app design for the new year, you get the chance to meet the expectations of the users In addition, keeping up with the current trends instead of staying stabile invites your users to spend more time in your app, as well as motivating new users to download it.

Offer New Year Promotions

When we look at the wide range of application categories, it is possible to conclude that each application must offer different features and functions depending on the sector in which it operates to stand out from the crowd and to have an effective app store optimization strategy. To do this, you can offer some new year promotions taking into consideration the content of your application, the features it offers and your target audience 

You can maximize your user experience by offering promotions such as personalized discount codes, location-based campaigns and etc.

Source: App Store

Or you can use the power of holiday in-app purchases just like Pic-Collage Photo Editor.

Raise The Bar

If you are already planning to release updates for your app, now is the time! Because the improvements you make on your application will be noticed easily by mobile users who are expecting innovation during this exciting time.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that there is a big increase in the use of mobile applications at important times during the year, such as the New Year period. In this sense, it is very important to perform regular tests in order to get rid of problems that may arise due to intensive use before they occur.

As a matter of fact, if your application does not offer error-free use, users may turn their ways to your rival applications instead of giving you an another chance, which is especially important. In order to prevent such situations, you should remember to regularly carry out studies to keep your performance high.

It is also important to conduct comprehensive analyzes at the end of the year to ensure that your mobile application continues to be preferred by users and to make your success sustainable. In this context, you should examine the performance of your application, user behaviour, and which situations lead to positive or negative results in 2019. So that you can evaluate what is happening during the year with an objective point of view, and discover the points that are open to development, and start the next year much more effectively.

Based on the results of these tests and your previous experience, you can also draw your roadmap for 2020. In this way, by raising the bar, you can offer the highest level of user experience in the coming year and step forward in the app stores.

To sum up, holiday seasons are of great importance for app marketing app store optimization. To increase your app ranking and acquire more users, don’t forget to optimize your app for the new year! Marry Christmas!

Written by Jordan Bevan


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