$1.42 BN Spent On The App Store Between Christmas And New Year!

Apple shared some important statistics about the App Store. Between Christmas and New Year, iOS users spent $1.42 billion on the App Store, the company said. Let’s take a look at the other figures together. 

Technology giant Apple announced that the data covers the period between Christmas and New Year. During this period, App Store customer spending reached $1.42 billion. This is a record for the App Store, which has been in our lives since 2008.

The company also announced the amount of customer spendings on the first day of the new year. Accordingly, in just 24 hours, a total of $386 million was spent worldwide. This figure is also a big record for Apple.

The differences between these figures and the ones in the previous year are quite high. Accordingly, compared to the last year, there is a 16% increase in customers’ spendings between Christmas and New Year, and there is a 20 percent change in the spendings on the first day of the year. These figures show that the number of users and their spendings are increasing every year. 

Finally, the App Store entered our lives in 2008 and is now available in 155 countries. This platform that offers millions of applications, the best games and the most exclusive solutions to make every area of life easier for the users is called as the biggest market in the world. We’ll see how the App Store will do in 2020. What do you think?

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Written by Jordan Bevan


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