4 Effective Ways To Increase Mobile App Reviews

In the rapidly developing mobile application industry, the primary objective of the companies is to be successful and to gain a permanent place in the mobile world. Therefore, they aim to develop applications that make a difference and add value to users. Among the millions of applications developed, users find the applications that meet their needs and enjoy being mobile regardless of time and place. However, it may not be easy for them to determine which of the numerous apps in the app stores are tailored to their needs.

Choosing the application that meets the expectations of users is made easier thanks to mobile app reviews in the application stores. These positive or negative comments made in this sense, help other users who are considering downloading an application to predict what kind of experience they will have. In addition, positive comments are also very important for app store optimization as they increase the rankings of applications. 

So, what can you do to increase your mobile app reviews? Here are some tips for you.

1. Make Your App Functional

Meeting the needs and expectations of users is one of the priorities while developing mobile applications. Therefore, before entering the mobile market, you should perform a detailed competitor analysis and examine the market. Then focus on how to bring your mobile app functionality to the highest level. If you have a functional app, it is more likely for your users to write positive reviews on app stores.

2. Give Your Users Time to Write A Mobile App Review

It is very difficult for a user who has recently downloaded your mobile application to write a mobile app review. So, give them some time and allow them to explore your application first. As we mentioned above, if you have a functional application, they will probably write a review. If not, encourage them.

3. Encourage Your Users to Write Reviews

If you want your users to share their opinions about your mobile app, you can direct them to do it. For example, if you have a gaming application, you can let your users skip to the next stage in exchange for writing a mobile app review or offer them discount coupons etc.

You don’t even need to offer something. If you really trust in the functionality of your app, you can show an in-app notification just like Google does.

4. Reply To Your Mobile App Reviews

You should reply to your mobile app reviews in order to receive more. If you reply, other users will probably feel that you care about them and it will become more possible for them to write reviews too. You can check this blog post to find out why & how you should reply to mobile app reviews.

To sum up, mobile app reviews are of great importance for app store optimization and also for user acquisition. Use these tips to increase your reviews and don’t forget to reply to them!
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Written by Jordan Bevan


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