4 Effective Ways To Promote Mobile Apps On Quora

Quora is one of the most popular Q&A sites today. With more than 300 million monthly active users, this platform has gained a significant position in the marketing world, especially in recent years. Quora, which also allowed blog post sharing as of 2013, is now widely used for mobile app promotion too.

If you have a mobile app, you know how tough the competition is in the industry. And the more you promote your application to stand out from this competition, the closer you will get to your goal. Adding Quora to your app promotion strategy will definitely provide you with many advantages.

So do you know how to promote mobile apps on Quora? In today’s blog post, we will share 4 effective ways. Let’s start!

1- Direct Quora Users To Your Mobile App

As we mentioned above, Quora is a simple Q&A site. On this website, people ask questions about what they are curious about, and other users share their answers with them. This gives you a great opportunity to direct Quora users to your mobile apps.

First, you need to create a Quora account. The more natural this account looks, the more productive the results will be.

Enter the keywords or question patterns you specify in the search box on the main page. For example, we searched the following query.

Now we see questions that have been asked before, and that are similar to our question. You can also view the questions about a specific topic by making a similar search. Then direct Quora users to your mobile app by answering them.

But remember, your answer must be relevant to the question asked. Otherwise, you might be banned by Quora. And don’t forget to consider the competition and popularity of the questions. For example, if a question does not have enough views, it would be unreasonable to answer it. Or if there are hundreds of answers in a question, your answer will probably be lost among them.

2- Direct Quora Users To Your Website

Another way to use Quora for mobile app promotion is to direct users to your website. If you have a website and produce content regularly, Quora offers you a great chance to promote them.

Again, write helpful answers to questions that may be related to your mobile app. And between these answers, place links from your website. This way, you can both indirectly promote your mobile app and increase traffic to your website. In addition, links to your website will positively affect your SEO.

3-  Grow Your Network & Increase Your Brand Awareness

No matter what area of marketing you serve in, the more your network grows, the more opportunities you will encounter. And Quora allows you to do this.

If your answers are liked or upvoted by users, your brand awareness and network will grow more and more. It’s a unique opportunity to strengthen your mobile app promotion strategy.

4- Promote Your App With Quora App Install Ads

We talked about how you can promote your mobile app using Quora. The methods above are the ones could promote your app indirectly. If you want to promote your app directly, you can do it with Quora Mobile App Install Ads.

After you create your Quora App Install Ads campaign, your mobile app will be shown to those who may be interested in it. If users find your ad impressive, they will click on the CTA button you created and they will be directed to your app store page.

As a result, the mobile app world is growing and competition is getting tougher. But if you have a strong mobile application promotion strategy, you don’t need to worry. Just don’t forget to include Quora in your strategy.

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Written by Sophie Blake


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