104 Google Play Store Apps Infected With Malware

Cybersecurity experts from White Ops have detected a malware hiding in 104 Android applications. According to these experts, each of these applications has a virus called Soraka.

Soraka, a slang word in Russian, does not prove that the advertising virus has spread from Russia. The sole purpose of the software is to interfere with the screen of the users, enabling the person who produced it to make money. These ads that the virus causes can appear at any time.

Soraka is able to protect itself from various security software. It is also able to schedule ads thanks to its high-quality artificial intelligence. 

Soraka has been infected with at least 4.6 million Android-based devices since September. You can examine the report of WhiteOps to see all the infected Android apps and for more detailed info. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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