Fake Instagram Followers: Why You Should NEVER Buy Them

The power of social media, which allows you to reach millions or even billions of users with just a post, is an undeniable fact. Brands that are aware of this continue to invest in social media marketing for many purposes such as reaching their target audiences in an easier way and increasing their visibility in digital. But another fact is that social media marketing requires effort, strategy and patience, and there are many people out there who do not want to deal with these. What do they do instead? They buy fake followers. 

This method, which is especially used by people who want to grow their presence on Instagram, damages their brand image and negatively affects their engagement rates. It can even cause their accounts to get permanently banned. If you are one of these people, you need to give up this idea immediately. 

In today’s articles, we’ll talk about the reasons why you should NEVER buy fake Instagram followers.

Let’s get started.

They Damage Your Brand Image.

One of the reasons you started social media marketing is undoubtedly to improve your brand image. But if you buy fake Instagram followers,  unfortunately, you are unlikely to achieve this goal.

You may be trying to show that your account is popular by keeping your followers high. Yes, when we visit an Instagram profile, the first thing we look at is the number of its followers. However, what you need to focus on is your engagement rates rather than the number of your followers. Why?

For example, if an account has 100,000 followers and gets 100 likes per post, most of its followers are probably fake and all it takes for users to understand this is just to browse through a few posts. It is almost impossible for such a profile to offer users a sense of trust, and trust is the key to improving your brand image. 

Moreover, working with an influencer who doesn’t have real followers may greatly harm your image. Click here to find out how to spot influencers with fake followers.

They Are Fake.

Our second reason why you shouldn’t buy fake IG followers is so simple: they’re fake. 

Fake Instagram followers are usually bot accounts. They do not offer any advantage to take your social media marketing to the next level. They may even cause you to go back to the previous level.

The Instagram algorithm detects and deletes most of these accounts in a very short time. Then, your follower count drops again. So, it’s also a waste of money.

Speaking of the Instagram algorithm…

Your Account Might Get Banned Temporarily/Permanently

The algorithms of social media platforms are stronger than ever and they continue to improve day by day. If you buy fake Instagram followers, the IG algorithm will most likely detect this and place some serious restrictions on your account.

What restrictions?

Many of your posts and stories will not be visible to your followers. You will not appear on the Discover page and your account will not be recommended to other users.

If you continue to buy inorganic followers, Instagram will give you more severe penalties. You will not be able to share posts or write descriptions under your posts. Also, you won’t be able to like and leave a comment under the posts shared by the accounts you follow.

If you’re still buying fake IG followers, then you might have to say ‘’bye’’ to your account.

So how can you grow your social media accounts in an organic way? Check out our social media marketing blog to find out all the tips and the latest articles.

Written by Maya Robertson


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