The 8 Best Light Meter Apps

Light meters are devices used indoors and outdoors to measure the level of illumination and light properties. We often encounter light meters in photography, the film industries, and greenhouse cultivation. Light meter devices are used in the positioning of houseplants in daily life. If your phone has a light sensor, you can measure the light from your phone without purchasing a light meter. How? Here are the best light meter apps we’ve selected for you!

myLightMeter Pro

Price: $3.99

myLightMeter PRO

myLightMeter Pro is an iOS app designed by a photographer that deserves to be among the best light meter apps. myLightMeter Pro is an app that photographers will love and use frequently, and it comes with two different interface designs. The app has incoming and reflected light metering modes, and users can quickly record exposure data. The app contains great functions such as independent calibration for two metering modes, auto priority for aperture or speed, spot metering in camera view, and maximum aperture limited by the lens selected.

myLightMeter Pro on the App Store

Light Meter – Lite

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $5.99

Light Meter – Lite is a fantastic app for Android devices that provides reflected and incident light meters. The app’s accuracy has been tested on a variety of devices. Light Meter Lite uses your device’s camera to measure reflected light levels and the light sensor to measure incident light levels. The app can be used with any type of camera. Light Meter Lite includes a reciprocity calculator, exposure conversion, a manual calculator, and other features.

Light Meter – Lite on Google Play

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Photone – Grow Light Meter

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $29.46

Photone – Grow Light Meter is a superb app with some pretty unique features. The app functions as a PAR/PPFD plant light meter, allowing users to calculate their indoor garden’s daily light integral (DLI) based on the needs of their plants and quickly optimize their lighting. The app has the ability to measure photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) as PPFD in µmol/m²/s and calculates and presents the daily light integral (DLI) in mol/m²/d.

Photone – Grow Light Meter on the App Store

Smart Luxmeter 

Price: Free

Smart Luxmeter is a functional app for measuring the brightness of the environment with the image sensor light. The app is multifunctional and contains advertisements. Users should ensure that their phone is facing the source of ambient light; otherwise, the measurement will be inaccurate.

Smart Luxmeter on Google Play

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Lux Light Meter Pro

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $7.99

Lux Light Meter Pro

Lux Light Meter Pro is a handy app that can be used anywhere and is one of the best light meter apps. The app collects and displays light-intensity data to users with a single tap. Lux Light Meter Pro allows users to adjust the lighting at their workplace, home, and greenhouse. The app provides both real-time and one-time measurements. Users access the average and max values of the light with Lux Light Meter Pro.

Lux Light Meter Pro on the App Store

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Lumu Light Meter

Price: Free

Lumu Light Meter

Lumu Light Meter is a popular iOS app that includes a reflective light meter, color temperature measurement, professional flash, lighting, flash exposure, photo single mode, photo multi-mode, and photo hole mode. Users can take personal notes about light measurements in the notes section of the app and store all their measurements in one place. Check out Lumu Light Meter’s website for more detailed information about the app.

Lumu Light Meter on the App Store

Light Meter – Lux & Kelvin

Price: Free

Light Meter Lux Kelvin

Light Meter – Lux & Kelvin is a professional app compatible with Android devices that allows you to easily measure lighting levels and is one of the best light meter apps. The app can read in lux or foot candles and makes use of your device’s light sensor. The app displays the measured color temperature of light in Kelvin (K).

Light Meter – Lux & Kelvin on Google Play

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Pocket Light Meter 

Price: $10.99/In-App Purchase: Up to $5.99

Pocket Light Meter

Pocket Light Meter is an excellent light meter app for iOS devices. The app is simple to use for both amateur and professional photographers. Pocket Light Meter measures reflected light in seconds and shows the results to users. Users can take notes on light measurements, photos, and other things using the app’s note feature.

Pocket Light Meter  on the App Store

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