The 7 Best Journal Apps for iPad

Did you know that keeping a journal has many advantages? Keeping a diary improves perception and reasoning, fosters creativity, reduces anxiety, improves memory and focus, boosts emotional intelligence, increases imagination, improves sleep, and aids in the resolution of tough emotional processes. Many famous people throughout history, such as Franz Kafka, have a habit of keeping diaries. We reviewed journal apps and listed the best journal apps for iPad for those who want to get into the habit of keeping a journal or who want to take their journal online via iPad. Continue reading if you’re interested!

Day One Journal: Private Diary

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $34.99

Day One Journal Private Diary

Day One Journal: Private Diary is a fantastic journaling app that allows you to keep track of your memories and experiences and is one of the best journaling apps for iPad. The app includes a variety of features, such as notes, videos, photos, drawings, and audio. Day One Journal: Private Diary is easy to use and draws users’ attention with its stylish design. Users can keep separate logs for each state and condition. Day One Journal: Private Diary has an unlimited text input capacity and supports markup and rich text formatting.

Moreover, Day One Journal: Private has end-to-end encryption and offers security options such as TouchID or FaceID. Users can save their diaries as PDFs or plain text. The app is compatible with the Apple Watch, iPhone, and Mac. Day One Journal: Private automatically records the date, time, weather, moon phases, and other information, and it supports data transfer from YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Fitbit, and other services.

Day One Journal: Private Diary on the App Store

DailyBean – Simplest Journal

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $19.99

DailyBean simplest journal

DailyBean – Simplest Journal for iPad offers a minimalist and intuitive approach to journaling, catering to users who prefer a streamlined and clutter-free experience. The app prides itself on its simplicity, providing a clean interface that focuses on the core aspects of journaling without unnecessary distractions. Users can quickly jot down their thoughts, feelings, and daily activities using straightforward text entry, enhanced by easy-to-use formatting options like bold, italics, and bullet points for organizing entries effectively.

DailyBean also supports multimedia elements, allowing users to enrich their journals with photos, sketches, and even audio recordings, making each entry more personal and immersive. The app’s synchronization feature ensures that entries are seamlessly backed up and accessible across devices, offering peace of mind and convenience. With its emphasis on simplicity and functionality, DailyBean – Simplest Journal aims to be a reliable companion for users looking to capture and reflect on their daily moments with ease and efficiency on their iPad.

DailyBean – simplest journal on the App Store

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Daylio Journal – Daily Diary

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $29.99

Daylio Journal Daily Diary

Daylio Journal is a versatile journal app that stands out among the best iPad journaling apps. The app can be used as a diary, food diary, mood tracker, gratitude diary, fitness goal diary, mental health coach, and other functions. Daylio Journal assists users in validating their intuition, fostering personal growth, and developing new habits.

The app can be customized with color themes and used in dark mode. Users of Daylio Journal can set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Users can protect the app with a PIN and share their statistics with their friends.

Daylio Journal – Daily Diary on the App Store

5 Minute Journal: Self-Care

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

5 Minute Journal Self Care

5 Minute Journal: Self-Care is a fantastic journal app that makes it simple to keep a journal. In the 5 Minute Journal, users can write thoughts, new things they’ve learned, things they’re grateful for, and other things. Users can use the app to improve their personal development and emotional intelligence. 5 Minute Journal is considered one of the best journal apps for iPad because it provides a stunning and intuitive experience. Swiping through their timeline or using the calendar allows users to quickly switch. Users can set daily notifications for status, activity, and more using the 5 Minute Journal reminder feature.

5 Minute Journal: Self-Care on the App Store

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My Diary – Journal with Lock

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $49.99

My Diary Journal with Lock

My Diary – Journal with Lock for iPad is designed to be a secure and comprehensive tool for users looking to maintain a private journaling experience. This app stands out with its robust security features, allowing users to protect their entries with a passcode or Touch ID, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind. Beyond its security measures, My Diary offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates effortless journaling. Users can easily create, edit, and organize their entries with customizable tags, categories, and rich text formatting options. The app supports multimedia integration, enabling users to attach photos, videos, and audio recordings to their entries, enhancing the storytelling aspect of journaling.

My Diary also includes advanced features such as mood tracking, allowing users to record their emotions alongside each entry, providing a deeper insight into their daily experiences and mental well-being over time. The app’s backup and synchronization capabilities ensure that entries are securely stored and accessible across multiple devices, offering flexibility and convenience. Whether used for personal reflection, goal tracking, or creative expression, My Diary – Journal with Lock strives to be a versatile and reliable companion for iPad users seeking to document their lives in a private and organized manner.

My Diary – Journal with Lock on the App Store

Diaro – Diary, Journal, Notes

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

Diaro Diary Journal Notes

Diaro is a user-friendly journal app that is praised for its multi-platform capability. The app can be used as a diary, mood tracker, and magazine. Diaro allows users to keep track of their daily activities, experiences, appointments, secrets, thoughts, feelings, and ideas, among other things. The app syncs between users’ devices and PCs and offers security via PIN, security code, or fingerprint.

Diaro includes more than 30 languages and allows users to customize the user interface with colors and themes. Users can search by keyword and organize folders, tags, and locations. With the features it provides, Diaro deserves to be among the best iPad journaling apps.

Diaro – Diary, Journal, Notes on the App Store

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Diary, Journal & Notes: Diarly

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $25.99

Diary Journal Notes Diarly 1

Diarly is a simple journal app with an elegant design. The app’s minimalist design allows users to easily journal and focus. Diarly is one of the best journaling apps for iPad and is easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Diarly stands out with its robust privacy features, including end-to-end encryption and biometric locking, ensuring that all entries remain confidential and accessible only to the user. The app offers a variety of customization options, allowing users to personalize their journaling experience with different themes, fonts, and formatting tools. This flexibility extends to multimedia support, enabling users to enrich their entries with photos, sketches, and audio recordings, thus creating a multi-dimensional narrative of their lives.

Additionally, Diarly features powerful organizational tools such as tags, folders, and a calendar view, making it easy to categorize and locate past entries. The app’s seamless synchronization across devices ensures that users can access and update their journal from anywhere, at any time. For those who enjoy tracking their progress and patterns over time, Diarly includes insightful analytics and mood tracking, providing a deeper understanding of personal growth and emotional trends.

Diary, Journal & Notes: Diarly on the App Store

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