The 10 Best Android TV Apps

In the dynamic landscape of digital entertainment, Android TV has emerged as a powerful platform, offering users a seamless blend of television and online content. To enhance your Android TV experience, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide to the best Android TV apps that cater to diverse interests and preferences.

Plex: Stream Movies & TV

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $149.99

Plex Stream Movies TV

Plex: Stream Movies & TV is an anytime, anywhere app that offers free streaming. The app contains more than 300 live TV channels, movies, and TV shows. Users can access 24 free news channels such as Financial Times, Euronews, People TV, Newsy, and USA Today with Plex: Stream Movies & TV. The app appeals to the whole family and includes children’s shows. Plex: Stream Movies & TV offers movies in the categories of action, adventure, comedy, romance, drama, and more. 

Additionally, users can organize their personal content, stream their favorite music, and access their favorite podcasts on Plex: Stream Movies & TV. Check out Plex’s website to learn more detailed information about the app.

Plex: Stream Movies & TV on Google Play


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Depends on a country

Netflix is a superb platform where you will always find new series, documentaries, movies, cartoons, and more, and is one of the best Android TV apps. The app recommends series and movies according to users’ watching and liking, so users can more easily access content appropriate for their style. Netflix allows up to 5 profiles in one account, and each profile can have its own personalized experience. Users can stay up to date by receiving notifications for new movies and series added to Netflix. The app allows downloading content to mobile devices so users can enjoy Netflix even when there is no internet. Visit Netflix’s website to learn more about the app.

Netflix on Google Play

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Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $14.99

Hulu Watch TV shows movies

Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies is an app that hosts ad-free sports, live news, movies, TV shows, TV shows, and more. Users can access over 40 series and original FX with Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies. The app contains regional restrictions and interruptions. Users can watch shows based on personalized recommendations and create up to 6 profiles with Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies. To learn more detailed information about the app, browse Hulu’s website.

Hulu: Watch TV shows & movies on Google Play


Price: Free


Kodi is an open-source cross-platform software media player and is among the best Android TV apps. The app has a 10-meter user interface and is an app designed as a media player. Users can access a graphical user interface and videos, photos, podcasts, music, optical disc, the internet, and more with Kodi. The app does not contain content and is used as local or remote storage or a third-party add-on. For more information about the app, check out Kodi’s website.

Kodi on Google Play

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Spotify: Music, Podcasts, Lit

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $15.99

Spotify is a popular app with an extensive music library of over 80 million and over 4 million enjoyable podcasts and deserves to be among the best Android TV apps. The app contains more than 300,000 audiobooks for those who love to listen to books. Users can create unlimited playlists, gather their favorite songs together, and access their playlists 24/7. Spotify supports offline use and offers the possibility to download popular podcasts, stories, and playlists. Visit Spotify’s website for more information.

Spotify: Music, Podcasts, Lit on Google Play

YouTube TV: Live TV & more

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $ 65.00

YouTube TV Live TV more

YouTube TV: Live TV & more is a successful app with over 100 networks. Users can access FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NFL Network, and more with YouTube TV: Live TV & more. The app offers sports fans CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports RSN (regional), MLB Network, NBA TV, Golf Channel, ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN2, ESPNews, Galavisión, Live MLB Game of the Week, SEC Network, Univision, and more.

Additionally, YouTube TV includes major news sites such as BBC World News, Cheddar, CNBC, CNN, and Galavisión and fun channels for kids such as Disney Channel, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, and Universal Kids. Also, the app is available nationwide in the United States. Browse YouTube TV’s website for more info.

YouTube TV: Live TV & more on Google Play

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FREECABLE© TV App: Shows, News

Price: Free

FREECABLE© TV App Shows News

FREECABLE© TV App: Shows is a practical app that offers popular TV shows, cartoons, talk shows, weather channels, sitcoms, documentaries, serials, movies, news channels, and live sports matches. The app works like a cable or a satellite TV and offers more than 15 good news channels. Users can access over 2000 free TV shows with the FREECABLE© TV App: Shows, News. Also, the app is a third-party API player. To learn more info, browse FREECABLE© TV App’s website.

FREECABLE© TV App: Shows, Newson Google Play

Photo Gallery and Screensaver

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $2.49

Photo Gallery and Screensaver

Photo Gallery and Screensaver is an app that provides easy browsing of photos and videos, presents albums on the big screen, makes it easy to share, and stands out among the best Android TV apps. Users can display their photos as Daydream/Screensaver/Slideshow on their Android TVs with Photo Gallery and Screensaver. The screensaver of the app can contain a maximum of 50 photos, and the app works in harmony with Facebook, Flickr, and Google photos. Browse Photo Gallery and Screensaver’s website to learn more.

Photo Gallery and Screensaver on Google Play

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Price: Free

PBS KIDS Video stands as one of the best Android TV app, making it a standout choice for families seeking wholesome and educational content for their children. Renowned for its commitment to quality programming, the app provides a curated selection of engaging videos designed specifically for young audiences. PBS KIDS Video not only delivers entertainment but also prioritizes educational value, aligning with PBS’s trusted reputation. With a user-friendly interface tailored for Android TV, parents can navigate seamlessly through a diverse range of shows that promote learning, creativity, and social skills. The app’s emphasis on age-appropriate content, coupled with the convenience of access on the big screen, solidifies PBS KIDS Video as an indispensable tool for parents fostering a positive and enriching screen time experience for their little ones.

PBS KIDS Video on Google Play


Price: Free

Twitch stands out as one of the premier Android TV apps, revolutionizing the way we engage with live streaming and gaming content. Catering to a diverse community of gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts, Twitch brings the thrill of live streaming directly to the big screen. Its Android TV adaptation ensures an immersive experience, allowing users to watch their favorite gaming personalities, explore new titles, and interact with the vibrant gaming community from the comfort of their living rooms. The app’s user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates with the Android TV platform, offering an intuitive navigation experience. With features like chat interaction and customizable content preferences, Twitch transforms the television into a communal space where gaming enthusiasts can unite, share experiences, and discover the latest trends in the ever-evolving world of online gaming and live streaming. Twitch on Android TV is not just an app; it’s a portal into a dynamic and interactive digital realm, making it an indispensable choice for those seeking unparalleled gaming and live streaming experiences.

Twitch on Google Play

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As we navigate the expansive realm of Android TV, these apps stand out as the epitome of entertainment, information, and customization. Whether you’re a movie buff, music aficionado, or gaming enthusiast, the best Android TV apps listed above ensure that your television becomes a gateway to a world of limitless possibilities. Elevate your Android TV experience today with these indispensable applications, transforming your living room into a hub of entertainment and connectivity.

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