The 6 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android


Remote Desktop apps are functional apps that enable them to connect to the server over the internet or a local network and are highly preferred in business and personal life. These apps share the tools and software installed on the devices with the remote devices and provide full access. Remote Desktop apps can be used by anyone who works from home, remote workers, office workers, students, teachers, and those who prefer it for personal use. Do you want to access your computer even on the go? You can access your computer, tablet, or phone in just seconds without sharing your password with others thanks to Remote Desktop apps. What are the most preferred remote desktop apps for Android? We have listed the best remote desktop apps for Android for you. Keep reading!


Price: Free

TeamViewer is a quite handy app designed to remotely control devices and is just one of the best remote desktop apps for Android. The app allows you to remotely connect to computers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), tablets, and smartphones (Android, Windows 10 Mobile) and helps you provide fast and secure access. TeamViewer has intuitive touch and control gestures and comes with features for file transfer in both directions and streaming audio and HD video in real-time remotely to your device. Users who want to add a remote can download the QuickSupport app. Also, you can check TeamViewer’s website for more information.

TeamViewer on Google Play

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Price: Free

AnyDesk, the powerful remote assistance software, is quite popular among the best remote desktop apps. The app enables remote access, and connection and is pretty reliable. AnyDesk is suitable for personal use and is ad-free. Users who want to use the app for commercial purposes can browse the commercial version of the app. AnyDesk is an app that allows file transfers, remote printing, wake-on-LAN, and more, and is suitable for any operating system and any device. The app comes with banking standard encryption and offers high frame rates and low latency. In addition, for more information, check AnyDesk’s website.

AnyDesk on Google Play

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Price: Free

Chrome Remote Desktop is the well-known and trusted app of Chrome, giving users easy access to their computers from their Android devices. To use the app, users must download the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Web Store to their computers. Then users must open the app from their Android device and select their online computer to connect.

Chrome Remote Desktop on Google Play

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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Price: Free

Microsoft Remote Desktop is one of the successful apps developed by Microsoft and stands out among the best remote desktop apps for Android. The app allows remote access to computers running Windows Professional or Enterprise and Windows Server. Microsoft Remote Desktop offers a rich multi-touch experience supporting Windows gestures and a secure connection to your data and apps. Microsoft Remote Desktop streams audio and video effortlessly.

Microsoft Remote Desktop on Google Play

Splashtop Personal Remote PC

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $16.99

Splashtop Personal Remote PC which offers high performance and reliability deserves to be one of the best remote desktop apps for Android with its features. The app comes with bank-grade security features and is easy to set up and use. Users must download the app on the device they want to connect to and create a Splashtop account. Users should then log on to the computer they want to connect to by downloading the publisher from the app’s website. Additionally, check out Splashtop Personal Remote PC’s website to learn more about the app in more detail.

Splashtop Personal Remote PC on Google Play

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VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

Price: Free

VNC® Viewer is a remote desktop app that is guaranteed to turn your phone into a remote desktop. The app gives instant access to Mac, Windows, and Linux computers remotely, and users can control everything on their desktop as if they were in front of their computer. VNC® Viewer allows for backup and synchronization connections between all devices. The app comes with advanced keys such as the scroll bar above the virtual keyboard and supports Bluetooth keyboards and mice. For more information go to VNC® Viewer’s website.

VNC Viewer on Google Play

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