The 5 Best Screenshot Apps for Android

We have come across the need to take screenshots much more often than we thought. As such, mobile apps that will solve this need come into our lives. In this article, we’ve brought together the best screenshot apps for Android that you can use to take a screenshot of a conversation or a social media post.

Screenshot Easy

Screenshot Easy, which allows you to easily take screenshots on your tablet, phone or other Android device, offers features such as screen recorder, full screen scroll page capturing and website screenshot capturing. You can use the app not only to take snapshots but also to view, edit or share them directly. Screenshot Easy’s trigger options include overlay icon, shake, widget, hidden overlay area, camera hardware button and more.

Screenshot Easy on Google Play

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Screenshot by Geeks.Lab

Using the Screenshot app, you can quickly edit the screenshots you take, add text or mosaics, share them quickly with your friends, set the way to save the screenshot, and browse and edit all the history screenshots.

Screenshot on Google Play

Screenshot Touch

Screenshot Touch is one of the best screenshot apps for Android with features including different capturing options like shaking the device and overlay icon, web page scroll capturing, multiple saving folders, and image cropper. The app also allows you to choose the save directory, optional subfolders, file format, jpeg quality, capture delay, and more. 

Screenshot Touch on Google Play

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With Screen Master, a free, easy-to-use, no-root screenshot and photo markup app, you can capture the screen by tapping the floating button or shaking the device, and take a screenshot on your tablet, phone or other Android device in an easy way. It also provides various annotation features such as cropping, adding text, pixelated image, drawing arrows, line, circle and more. 

ScreenMaster on Google Play

Private Screenshots

In Private Screenshots, which allows you to take screenshots of chats in applications such as Instagram without informing the other user, the screenshots you take are hidden as they do not appear in your Android gallery or any other app. There is also the option to move the screenshots to your gallery if you want. The app starts the ‘presentation’ mode on your device and captures all screen content.

Private Screenshots on Google Play

Bonus: Screen recording apps

In addition to screenshot apps, you can also take screenshots with most of the screen recording apps. For example, you can take screenshots as well as screen recording without watermark or time limit using AZ Screen Recording.

The Best Apps for Screen Recording 

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