The 6 Best Gallery Apps for Android (2023)

A good gallery app promises much more than just listing photos and videos. In this list, we have brought together the best gallery apps for Android that allow you to manage your photos and videos with simple and modern interfaces.

Google Photos

Google’s official gallery app, Google Photos, is of course the most popular on our list of the best gallery apps for Android. The application, which allows you to back up 5 GB of photos and videos for free and access them from any device, is a very sufficient application with its smart automatic albums, successful photo editing tools, live albums, photo books, and powerful search features. In the app, you can also search for photos with Google Lens and share your photo library with anyone you want.

Google Photos on Google Play

A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery, which is very popular with its millions of users, automatically organizes your photos according to the place and time you took them. Likewise, in the app, you can search by the date and location where the photo or video was taken, and you can even search for photos by image color. In the A+ Gallery, where you can hide the photos you want with a password, you can also see and manage your photos on Facebook, Amazon Cloud Drive or Dropbox from within the app.

A+ Gallery on Google Play

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Simple Gallery Pro

Price: $2.59

The app that allows you to recover photos and videos that you accidentally deleted is separated from other apps in the list with this feature. Besides not allowing you to protect the files you want with a password, it also supports different file types such as RAW, SVG, and MKV. The photo editing features of the app are also quite sufficient.

Simple Gallery Pro on Google Play

F-Stop Gallery

F-Store Gallery, an old app, is one of the best gallery apps for Android with its search capabilities and clean design. In the app, you can search your photos by their metadata and add tags to your photos for easier editing. With its nested folders feature, you can browse your media using the folder structure (explorer view) instead of the typical flat view seen in most gallery apps.

F-Stop Gallery on Google Play

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Smart Gallery

In Smart Gallery, you can edit your photos, search files easily, open different file types such as RAW and SVG, add the photos you want to your favorites, recover deleted photos, and create a slideshow with your files. The application, which is available in 32 languages, does not want unnecessary permission for all these features.

Smart Gallery on Google Play

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Providing access to your files from your SD card, cloud media in Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, Piktures also has a secret area to hide your most private content. Offering a photo editor, the app also features a QR code scanner along with a GIF Player and an animated GIF maker.

Piktures on Google Play

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