5 Photo Backup Apps Alternative to Google Photos

As of June 1, 2021, with Google Photos changing the storage conditions, many users started to turn to alternative apps. If you’re one of those people who don’t want to pay for extra storage with Google Photos, here are the best photo backup apps alternative to Google Photos.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft offers great ease of use on photos and documents you back up with the OneDrive app. However, while offering these conveniences, it charges a higher price than many storage applications on the market. The biggest advantage of Microsoft OneDrive is that it is integrated with Office programs. If you have already decided to purchase Office programs, 1 TB of storage is also a gift.

  • Free memory: 5 GB
  • Pros: Easy photo access with auto-tagging, offline access to important files.
  • Cons: High pricing, low free storage space.
  • App Store: Store Link
  • Google Play: Store Link

Amazon Photos

If you already have Amazon Prime membership, you can use the unlimited photo storage service at no additional cost. In addition, if you are considering buying Amazon Prime membership, this bonus unlimited backup service that comes with it can be a good factor for your decision. 

The important thing to remember is that if you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, you need to switch to a paid Prime plan again to get your photos and videos over 5 GB back. For this reason, it is useful to transfer all your backups to another platform before closing your account.

  • Free memory: 5 GB
  • Pros: Offers unlimited storage space to Prime members. Automatic backup facility.
  • Cons: Low memory offered to non-Prime users.
  • Paid packages: Unlimited photo and 5 GB video storage for Amazon Prime members.
  • Google Play: Store Link
  • App Store: Store Link

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Flickr is the service that gets the biggest disadvantage with the limited free space it offers, but it is an application open to using in this field because it is a professional photo and video network. Flickr, which has applications on mobile and tablets, also offers an automatic storage service. Another service offered by the platform is the huge stock photography archive. You can browse through this archive and add the photos you want to your own storage.

  • Free memory: 1000 photos and videos (approx. 2-3 GB with optimized sizes)
  • Features: It has its own photo editing tools and filters. It has a huge photo archive of its own.
  • Paid packages: $ 7.99 / Month, $ 21.99 / Three months and $ 5.99 / Year – Unlimited storage and no ads.
  • App Store: Store Link
  • Google Play: Store Link


Snapfish is one of the rare photo storage apps that offers unlimited memory for free. In addition, Snapfish does not offer a paid option, but instead has a shop for photo-printed gifts. You can create special photo-printed gifts from this shop. 

  • Free memory: Unlimited
  • Pros: You can access Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, and phone/computer gallery and upload photos directly.
  • Cons: There is no automatic backup.
  • Paid packages: There are no paid packages.
  • App Store: Store Link
  • Google Play: Store Link

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iCloud still continues to serve iPhone, iPad and Mac users without any problems. Especially when we buy an Apple device for the first time and create an Apple ID, 5 GB of free storage saves lives for a while. If you like to use and handle everything within the Apple ecosystem, you can expand your plan later and have more storage space.

  • Free memory: 5 GB
  • Pros: Automatic backup on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. Ability to access files from another Apple device.
  • Cons: Low storage space, only for Apple devices.

Written by Maya Robertson


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