The 5 Best Karaoke Apps

Karaoke has long been a beloved pastime, bringing people together to sing their hearts out and unleash their inner performers. With the rise of mobile technology, karaoke enthusiasts can now carry the fun and excitement of karaoke wherever they go, thanks to a myriad of karaoke apps available on smartphones. Whether you’re a seasoned singer or a novice looking to channel your inner rockstar, these best karaoke apps for mobile are sure to elevate your singing experience to new heights.

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At the top of our list of the best free karaoke apps is Yokee, an app that has a large database of songs and lets you share your record with others. The app, which has been used by more than 100 million people so far, has different features such as applying effects to your voice and video. It also has an auto-tune feature that auto-enhances your voice with echo and a little reverb.

. From classic hits to current chart-toppers, Yokee™ offers a diverse selection of songs to suit every musical taste. Additionally, the app allows users to record their performances, share them with friends, and even compete in singing challenges for a chance to showcase their talents and earn recognition within the Yokee™ community.

The free version of the app is quite sufficient for those who want to have a pleasant time doing karaoke.

Yokee on Google Play

Yokee on the App Store


Here is the most popular one of our list of the best free karaoke apps: Smule. Smule is more than a karaoke app, it is a social networking platform where you can get followers by singing. It allows you to sing karaoke, create recordings and videos, and most importantly perform with popular celebrities. You can either sing karaoke on your own or by joining someone to sing in a duet or a group recording. 

With Smule, users can sing solo, duet with friends, or join group performances, creating unforgettable musical collaborations. The popular karaoke app also allows you to use studio effects, visual effects, and filters to get the most out of your video and audio recording. You can both share your records on popular social media platforms or on your Smule account to get discovered.

Smule on Google Play

Smule on the App Store

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Sing Karaoke by Stingray

Sing Karaoke by Stingray stands out as a standout option in the realm of free karaoke apps, offering an extensive selection of songs across various genres, from classic hits to contemporary favorites. What sets Sing Karaoke apart is its user-friendly interface and robust features, making it an accessible choice for karaoke enthusiasts of all levels. The app provides personalized song recommendations based on your musical preferences, ensuring that you always find the perfect track to showcase your vocal talents.

Additionally, Sing Karaoke offers social sharing capabilities, allowing users to connect with friends and fellow singers, share their performances, and receive feedback and support from the vibrant Sing Karaoke community. With its seamless integration of social features and high-quality song library, Sing Karaoke by Stingray is a must-have app for anyone looking to enjoy endless karaoke fun without breaking the bank.

Sing Karaoke by Stingray on Google Play

Sing by Stingray on the App Store


StarMaker, one of the most popular karaoke apps with over 50 million users, is also one of the best karaoke apps with more than 2 million songs in its database and the features it offers.

Using the app, you can sing karaoke along with the high quality backing music and rolling lyrics, edit your recordings with voice effects and video filters, and share your recordings on almost all social media platforms. The app also allows you to duet with top artists and sing together with a group of friends, or go Live to broadcast your music concerts and win likes and fans. Another good feature of StarMaker is Hook, which allows you to sing the best part of your favorite songs. 

StarMaker on Google Play

StarMaker on the App Store

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Last in our list of the best karaoke apps is WeSing from Tencent. As with other karaoke apps on the list, you can sing, record and share karaoke in WeSing, as it is actually a music-based social networking app. 

In the app, you can edit your karaoke videos with tons of voice effects and video filters to get fans and win likes. You can also duet with friends, watch or join KTV party rooms, and watch others’ covers by using the app.

WiSing on Google Play 

WiSing on the App Store

Whether you’re looking for a vast song library, interactive singing modes, or advanced vocal enhancement tools, these top-rated apps have you covered. So why wait? Download one of these karaoke apps today, gather your friends, and get ready to unleash your inner rockstar wherever you go.

Written by Maya Robertson


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