Spotify Begins Testing Real-Time Song Lyrics

The real-time song lyrics feature has been gradually introduced to Spotify users. With the real-time lyrics feature, it will be much easier for Spotify users to sing along with the songs playing on the app. The new feature is in the testing phase and has been released to some users, but is expected to be available to all users soon.

One of the most popular music streaming services in the world, Spotify continues to improve the user experience with its new features. Yesterday we shared with you the changes that Spotify made on its podcast show pages. The company has now come up with a new feature that will make it easier to sing along with the songs. With the new feature, there will be no need to search the lyrics of a song on Google. The lyrics will be displayed on the screen simultaneously with the song.

Spotify real-time lyrics feature is not currently active for all users. Likewise, this feature is not available for all songs. But users who have experienced the feature seem to be quite satisfied. So what do you think? Do not forget to share your comments with us and visit our Mobile Marketing News page for more.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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