Spotify Makes Great Changes To Podcast Show Pages

Spotify, which is the largest digital music platform in the world and actively used by millions, has made significant changes to its podcast show pages. The new interface of Spotify will make it easier for users to access information about podcasts. Let’s take a look at the details.

Over the past year, Spotify acquired two giant platforms of the podcast industry, Anchor and Gimlet Media. In addition, huge investments made by the company in recent years have increased its podcast network by 200 percent in 2019.

However, only 16 percent of Spotify’s monthly subscribers interact with podcasts on the platform.  The company aims to increase this rate even more, has made important changes to the podcast show pages.

When we take a look at the new interface published by Spotify, we see that the biggest innovation is the podcast trailers. Content creators will now have the chance to present their one-minute or two-minute trailers of their podcasts to users. These trailers are placed at the top of the episode list.

The reason behind Spotify’s innovation is to enable users to listen to a small part of a podcast and help them learn about the content in a much faster way.

The popular platform has also added some basic tags such as travel, relationships and personal stories under the descriptions of podcasts so that users can discover content on specific topics more easily and quickly.

Spotify has announced that the new interface is now available to iOS and Android users as of today. You can access the company’s statement on the subject from here.

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Written by Sophie Blake


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