Facebook’s Testing Tabs For News Feed Organization

The new feature that the Facebook developer team is currently working on will add new tabs to the news feed. The tabs called ‘Relevant’, ‘Recent’ and ‘Seen’ will be added to the Facebook home page to filter the content shared according to users’ preferences.

Millions of users are still actively using Facebook. The company, which does not want to lose user interest due to the increase of its competitors and some difficulties, continues to add new features and improvements to its platform. Now the social media giant is testing a new feature that will help you organize your news feed.

Thanks to the tabs feature to be added to the Facebook homepage, users will be able to filter the content they want on the flow page. Customizable content will be filtered and make it easier for users to access the relevant, recent or seen posts.

Jane Manchun Wong who is famous for discovering new features of social media platforms shared the new feature Facebook is currently testing on her Twitter account. Later on, the company confirmed it when asked by TechCrunch

Also, a Facebook official shared a tweet replying to Jane MAchun Wong’s tweet.

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Written by Jordan Bevan


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