Spotify Wrapped Shows Your Top Tracks in 2019 & The Last Decade

In 2019, millions of people from all over the world used Spotify to listen to their favourite music and podcasts and to discover new tracks. As we approached the end of the year, the company created special lists for users showing their top tracks in 2019 and in the last decade.

This year, Spotify not only offers a personal summary of 2019 but also shows users’ listening data for the last decade. With Spotify Wrapped, users have access to the songs, albums, artists and podcasts they have most listened to and discovered during 2019 and in the last decade.

To access Spotify 2019 Wrapped, simply enter the application or visit the website. It is also possible to see how many minutes you have been listening to since 2010 as well as your favourite songs.

So, how was the year 2019 for you? 

Written by Maya Robertson


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