Apple Becomes The Leader Of Smartphone Market

The increasing demand for mobile phones has increased the number of smartphone manufacturers in the market. Counterpoint Technology Market Research announced the 2019 smartphone industry statistics and Apple becomes the leader of the smartphone industry.

The two reports shared by Counterpoint Technology Market Research include both the global market shipment rates and the differences between phone prices. According to the data provided by the company for the third quarter of 2019, there is a significant difference between popular smartphone manufacturers. The stats show that Apple becomes the leader while Samsung, seen as the closest competitor of Apple, is in the second place.

And the other figures are as follows:

  • Apple: 52%
  • Samsung: 25%
  • Huawei: 12%
  • Other: 8%
  • LG: 2%
  • OnePlus:% 2

It looks like Apple has no competitors… You can check out the detailed data of Counterpoint from here.

Written by Maya Robertson


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