The 6 Best Graphic Design Apps for Android

Are you a creator, artist, or graphic designer? Or are you a designer candidate eager to draw? We have reviewed for you unique graphic design apps that everyone will love to use and that do not limit their imagination. We brought you the most comprehensive and preferred graphic design apps. But which one fits your style? Keep reading our list of the best graphic design apps for Android to find out!


Price: Free


Sketchbook is an app that will be enjoyed by those who love to draw and is among the best graphic design apps for Android. Sketchbook is a sketch, painting, and drawing app appropriate for illustrators, artists, professionals, and anyone just starting. The app has highly customizable tools and comes with a straightforward interface.

Furthermore, Sketchbook has full brush types including pens, markers, airbrushes, smears, and more. Users can customize the brushes according to their usage style. The app has many precision tools such as contour tools, guides, and rulers. Browse Sketchbook’s website to learn more detailed information about the app.

Sketchbook on Google Play

Infinite Design

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $7.99

Infinite Design

Infinite Design is a graphic design app with a simple, organized, and effective interface. Users can move their favorite tools to the top bar for time-saving and easy access. Infinite Design provides users with many features such as infinite canvas, boolean operations, aligning and distributing objects, and unlimited layers. Users can create easy pencil shapes with Infinite Design and draw beautiful 3D landscapes with five different perspective guides.

In addition, Infinite Design has many transforming tools such as flip, scale, rotate, distort, and warp. The app brings together many advanced features such as gradient and pattern fill, automatic shape detection, canvas rotation, and flip. Users can export their designs as JPEG, PNG, or SVG. Check out Infinite Design’s website to learn more information about the app.

Infinite Design on Google Play

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Adobe Capture: Illustrator, Ps

Price: Free

Adobe Capture IllustratorPs

Adobe Capture is a pretty popular app that lets you try before you log in, and is one of the best graphic design apps for Android. Users can create impressive designs from their Android phones and tablets with Adobe Capture. The app enables the user to vectorize on the go, create color themes and gradients, create effective digital brushes, create complex patterns, capture light and color, 3D touches, and much more. Users can remove or blur backgrounds with Adobe Capture. Adobe Capture offers all graphic design tools to its users in one place.

Adobe Capture: Illustrator, Ps on Google Play

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Price: Free

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is one of the must-have apps for graphic designers, artists, and illustrators. The app comes with multiple image and drawing layers, 64x zoom for details, and names each layer individually. Users have access to five different pen tips that can be adjusted in size, opacity, and color with Adobe Illustrator Draw. Also, users can easily access their designs with the in-app creative cloud libraries.

Adobe Illustrator Draw on Google Play

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Tayasui Sketches

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $6.49

Tayasui Sketches is an app that deserves to be among the best graphic design apps for Android with beautiful and unique brushes. Users will have access to a drawing app with over 20 ultra-realistic tools in Tayasui Sketches. The app offers an intuitive and advanced interface. Tayasui Sketches has many features such as layers, import photos, color eyedropper, ultra-realistic watercolor wet brush, and brush editor, and provides advanced sharing and export functions. The app includes support for Wacom Stylus and provides a more realistic brushing experience.

Additionally, Tayasui Sketches tools list includes a pen, Rotring, acrylic brush, fountain pen, watercolor, dry and wet brushes, felt-tip pen, oil paint, pencil brush, airbrush, patterns, text, eraser, area and fill tool, smudge tool, and cutter for copy paste. Check out Tayasui Sketches’ website to learn more details about the app.

Tayasui Sketches on Google Play

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $5.99

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook is one of the best graphic design apps for Android that offers a digital sketchbook experience. The app presents graphic designers with unique features such as canvas up to 6144×6144, a high-performance paint engine, pressure support, pressure simulation for touches, layer clipping mask. ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook includes over 100 brushes and tools, including dishware and gradient fill. Users can create custom brushes from images imported with the app. Besides, ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook supports PNG, JPG, and PSD in import and export. Visit ArtFlow’s website for more detailed information about the app.

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook on Google Play

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