10 Tips To Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy For Mobile Apps

Using the power of email marketing is one of the most economical and effective ways to connect with your existing and potential customers. We have emphasized the importance of email marketing for mobile applications many times before in our previous articles.

However, you may not get the results of your efforts if your recipients do not see your e-mails or do not complete your desired actions. In this article, we will share with you 10 suggestions that will increase your e-mail open and clickthrough rates. Keep reading to have an efficient email marketing strategy for your mobile application!

5 Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rate

1- Make Sure You Have Your Recipients’ Permissions

While sending emails for business purposes, you have to have your recipients’ permissions. It may cause you to face legal penalties and sending unauthorized emails will decrease your email sender reputation. This will probably increase the risk of your emails falling into the spam folder and result in low open rates as they are unwanted.

2- Create An Attractive Subject Line

Source: Email Subject Lines by Grammarly

According to invespcro,  47% of email recipients open emails based on their subject lines. For this reason, we recommend you to choose a subject line that will arouse the recipients’ curiosity. Don’t forget to ask them a question, use an emoji and keep it short.

3- Analyze Your Competitors Emails 

By subscribing to the newsletter of a company that you see as a competitor, you can easily see their contents that will take you forward and inspire you, and help you keep up with the industry. 

4- Do Not Underestimate Your Sender Name

In a study conducted by Litmus, 42% of the respondents decided whether to open the mail or not by the name of the sender. If you have a well-known brand, you can use the brand name as the sender name, but generally, a more personal approach will bring you better results.

5- Personalize

Personalization is one of the most effective tactics that will help you have a more efficient email marketing strategy for your mobile app. Adding the recipient’s name and a few personal details, and reaching different segments with different contents will definitely increase your open rate.

Now that we talked about how to increase your email open rate for your mobile app, let’s move on to our tips to boost your email click-through rate.

5 Tips To Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

1- Create An Attractive Call-To-Action

Our first suggestion to increase your email click-through rate is to create an attractive call-to-action. CTAs, one of the most important elements that define the click-through rate, are the messages that are given to users to take a desired action, such as apply now, register now, try for free and etc.

You should have a single call-to-action to avoid confusion. Give a message that will awaken your audience’s curiosity or remind them to hurry, and you should test whether it is more effective when added in the beginning or at the end of your email.

2- Make Your Designs Responsive

If you’re interested in mobile marketing, you probably know how important it is to have responsive designs. In a previous article, we shared with you the fact that emails are now opened more on mobile devices than desktop. So, keep in mind that when you’re creating your effective email marketing strategy for your mobile application, you should create your designs responsively in order to provide your recipients with the best experience.

Source: All Your Emails Should Be Responsive. Here’s Why. by ITC

3- Choose Your Format Carefully

Single column or two columns, friendly or formal design? What information is more visible is an important element that influences the clickthrough rate of your mail. For this reason, you can learn which option is more successful by performing an A/B test and continue with it.

4- Show Some Proof

Trust is one of the most important issues when building relationships with customers, and one of the most effective ways of gaining this is by using the views of real people. 

You’ve probably heard that people are more confident when they are given feedback about a product/service by a real customer, rather than a brand. So, add some proof that your app is worth to try.

5 – Add Your Social Media Accounts

If you think your email marketing will be kept separate from other marketing tools, you are wrong. Don’t forget to include your social media accounts in your email as your social media accounts show your total value across all channels.

In this article, we talked about how to strengthen your email marketing strategy for your mobile application. Check out our Email Marketing page to read more articles like this. You can also visit our Mobile Marketing Blog and Mobile Marketing News pages to keep up with the constantly changing world of mobile marketing. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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