Instagram Engineers Explain How Explore Alghortigm Works

One of the most important features of Instagram is the Explore page. On this page, users are shown the contents of other users that they may be interested in. So, how does Instagram find contents that interest us? Instagram engineers revealed the secret behind this.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It is actively used by millions of users today, and users can take advantage of the many features of the application. One of the most effective features Instagram offers to users is the “Explore” page.

Explore section of Instagram shows you different contents according to the contents you like or the pages you follow. This prevents users from seeing the same content all the time and help Instagram keep its users on the app.

So, how does Instagram’s Explore page determine which contents to show you? 3 Instagram engineers created a blog post that was full of technical terms and shared it with the public. However, we will tell you the secret on Instagram’s Explore page without mentioning technical terms.

Engineers say that the contents on Instagram’s Explore page is determined through artificial intelligence. However, the point to be considered here is; Instagram is a platform with millions of users, all of whom enjoy different things. How does artificial intelligence do content analysis for all users?

Instagram engineers say that artificial intelligence on the Explore page does not actually act according to users. Because as we mentioned before, what people want to see is different, so artificial intelligence doesn’t work user-oriented. The artificial intelligence used in the Explore Instagram page starts by identifying interesting accounts on the application.

The accounts are then analyzed to see how much they relate to each other. To do this, artificial intelligence uses the words on the pages. This process starts with billions of accounts and then this number is reduced to 500. This completes the first stage of the artificial intelligence of Instagram.

Artificial intelligence calculates the likelihood of users interacting with these pages after performing word analysis and then reorders them. Instagram accounts that failed to get into the top 150 in this ranking lose their chance to be shown on the Explore page. But the process does not end for the first 150 accounts here. The same process is done once again and this time the number of accounts is reduced to 50. A light neural network is used during this process.

After the number of accounts is reduced to 50, a deep neural network comes into play and eliminates half of these 50 accounts. After this, Instagram determines 25 Instagram accounts to show at the top of the Explore page. 

Instagram and other platforms use artificial intelligence wherever it is possible to use. In addition to determining contents to show on the Explore page, Instagram also uses AI to control comments, contents, and reported accounts. Engineers say that artificial intelligence is very functional and it helps them secure the platform.

For detailed information about the Explore page algorithm, check out Powered by AI: Instagram’s Explore recommender system

Written by Maya Robertson


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