Netflix says it has 55 more games in development

Image Source: Netflix

Streaming giant Netflix, which first launched its mobile games service last year and has released 35 titles so far, said that it has 55 more games currently in development including ones based on its original shows and movies.

‘’As we’ve said, this will be a multi-year journey for us to learn how to please game players. Our first year was about establishing our gaming infrastructure and understanding how our members interact with games,’’ Netflix said in its letter to investors shared on Tuesday. ‘’We now have 35 games on service (all included in every Netflix subscription without in-game ads or in-app purchases) and we’re seeing some encouraging signs of gameplay leading to higher retention.’’

‘’With 55 more games in development, including more games based on Netflix IP, we’re focused in the next few years on creating hit games that will take our game initiative to the next level,’’ the company wrote.

In August, data intelligence company Apptopia said that only 1% of Netflix subscribers had tried Netflix’s mobile games until then. However, the company seems to be very optimistic about its entry into the game business and aims to take it to the next level in the upcoming years.

To strengthen its game business, Netflix acquired Oxenfree-maker Night School Studio in 2021, Finnish mobile game developer Next Games and Texas-based Boss Fight Entertainment earlier this year. It’s now building its internal game studio in Helsinki, Finland.

The company also recently launched its game handle feature to enable users to pick unique nicknames to use while playing its mobile games. 

Meanwhile, Netflix video games you can play now include Stranger Things: 1984, Before Your Eyes, Heads Up! And many others. The company also recently added Desta: The Memories Between by ustwo Games, and SpongeBob: Get Cooking by Tilting Point which it has partnered with for two more titles. By the end of this year, Netflix plans to bring the number of its games to over 50, which means we’ll see 15 more titles launched in the following months.

Netflix added 2.4 million new subscribers in Q3 2022

Netflix also announced that it added more than 2.4 million new subscribers to its platform during the third quarter of the year ended September 2020. That marks a comeback for the company which lost about 1 million subscribers in the previous quarter.

In Q3, its revenue reached $7.926 billion and the total number of its paying subscribers rose 4.5% to 223.09 million.

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The company now aims to grow its user base even more with the upcoming launch of its ad-supported tier in November.  

Written by Tuna Cetin

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