Netflix Extends Beta Test for Game Streaming in Canada and the UK

Netflix is currently undergoing a trial to expand its game streaming service through a limited beta test conducted in Canada and the UK. In 2021, Netflix introduced video games to its platform, allowing all its paying members to indulge in a variety of gaming experiences on their mobile devices. However, this fresh beta test is geared towards extending the gaming experience to select television sets as well. 

The Vice President of Games at Netflix, Mike Verdu, shed light on the beta test. He revealed that a small segment of members from Canada and the UK will get the chance to enjoy games like Oxenfree, developed by Night School Studio (and taken over by Netflix in 2021) and Molehew’s Mining Adventure on their television screens, using their mobile phones as controllers. This TV-based gaming feature will initially cater to devices such as Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, LG TVs, Chromecast, Walmart ONN, NVIDIA Shield TVs, and Amazon Fire TV streaming media players.

In the forthcoming weeks, the beta trial will expand its horizons to supported web browsers on both PCs and Macs. This will enable members to dive into gaming experiences using a computer mouse and keyboard. The primary goal of this test is to heighten the quality of the member experience and obtain valuable insights from the beta testers.

Netflix’s overarching ambition is to equalize the gaming world, making it more accessible and enjoyable for its worldwide membership base by making games available on an even broader array of devices. Despite being in the developing stages of their gaming journey, Netflix is enthusiastically focused on delivering joy to its members through gaming, and they eagerly anticipate the unfolding developments in the gaming sphere.

This step taken by Netflix to expand its game streaming service is a testament to their commitment to explore into the gaming landscape. As the beta test advances, Netflix is dedicated to perfecting the gaming experience and exploring the potential to offer a wider spectrum of gaming options to its subscribers across the globe. 

Since Netflix’s video game introduction, the company has acquired several game studios to boost its game unit, including Next Games, Boss Fight Entertainment, and Spry Fox. It also partnered with Tilting Point, and RocketRide Games to bring in more mobile games, which were the primary focus of the company in the beginning. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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