Meta introduces new ad optimization tools for holiday season

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is gearing up for the holiday season by introducing a range of new ad optimization tools. These enhancements are designed to assist advertisers in making the most of their campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, and ultimately, drive more direct action from their promotions.

One of the standout features among these updates is the introduction of time-based budget scheduling. Advertisers can now set varying budget thresholds for specific timeframes. For example, if a business anticipates higher interest in their products or services during weekends or peak shopping hours, they can allocate a larger budget for those specific periods. This flexibility enables them to maximize their campaign’s reach without the need to create separate ad sets or manually adjust budgets.

“With budget scheduling, advertisers can choose to increase their daily budget to maximize promotional and sales opportunities. Before, an advertiser would have to manually adjust the budget at the desired time.” Meta says, “After an advertiser’s promotional period ends their budget will automatically revert back to their daily budget that they initially set – no other steps needed.”

Meta is also expanding its Promotional Ads feature, a tool that offers in-stream discount codes and special offers to entice potential customers. By seamlessly integrating these offers into the shopping process, Promotional Ads guide users through to the checkout stage, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

To further boost engagement, Meta is extending access to Reminder Ads to more businesses. These ads now include Stories as a placement option, providing an additional avenue to capture user interest.

Lastly, Meta is experimenting with new Shop Ads, aimed at simplifying the purchase process directly from an ad. By integrating with e-commerce platforms such as Adobe Commerce, Magento Open Source, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, these ads provide a smoother and more direct shopping experience.

Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance its advertising tools are focused on improving the overall shopping experience on its platforms, ultimately making them more appealing to consumers during the bustling holiday season.

These developments signal Meta’s commitment to refining its advertising strategies and tools to better serve the needs of both businesses and users.

Recently, Meta shared an updated look at its ad automation tools

Additionally, as the holiday season approaches, retailers embrace mobile apps to meet the demands of their customers. On the other hand, streaming ads are considered more influential compared to mobile ads by customers. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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