Users flocked to music streaming, recipe apps during 2022 holiday season -Adjust

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Mobile apps usually see significant growth in downloads and sessions during holiday seasons as people turn to them to meet their needs and entertain themselves, and 2022 was no exception. Mobile measurement company Adjust has revealed the certain app categories that users flocked to between the last week of December and New Year’s Day 2023.

According to the report, global downloads of music streaming apps rose 9% in December compared to 2022’s average. On Christmas Eve, they were up 6% compared to the month’s average, and 16% compared to the year’s average. And on Christmas day, installs were 31% higher than the month’s average, and 43% higher than the year’s average. Time spent in music streaming apps also rose 4% Y/Y on December 24, and 9% Y/Y on December 25.

Downloads of recipe apps spiked during the last holiday season as well. They were 15% higher than December’s average and 8% higher than 2022’s average on Christmas Eve, 32% above the month’s average and 24% above the year’s average on New Year’s Eve.

Image Source Adjust

And those who didn’t want to cook at home turned to food delivery apps, of which the downloads were 7% above the monthly average and 11% above the yearly average on New Year’s Eve.

On the first day of 2023, their installs were also 19% higher than December’s average. According to Adjust, this could be because people were too tired to cook after celebrating the new year the night before.

Image Source Adjust

Other categories that saw remarkable growth in their downloads and sessions during the last holiday season include Gaming, Health & Fitness, and Travel. You can check out Adjust’s report for more details.

Written by Maya Robertson


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