Infillion reveals plans for MediaMath after acquisition

Infillion, the video ad tech platform formed from the merger of location data company Gimbal and CTV ad platform TrueX, has unveiled its plans for MediaMath after acquiring the company out of bankruptcy. The acquisition has now officially closed, and Infillion intends to relaunch the Demand-Side Platform (DSP) early next year.

MediaMath’s DSP is seen as a valuable addition to Infillion’s ad tech stack. The revitalization process includes rehiring employees, reestablishing business agreements with Supply-Side Platform (SSP) partners and data vendors, and reopening the platform to customers. Subsequently, Infillion plans to integrate its own ad products with MediaMath’s technology where it aligns with their strategy.

This move marks a new chapter for MediaMath under Infillion’s ownership, promising an updated and revitalized platform for advertisers and marketers.

In an interview with AdExchanger, Rob Emrich, a representative of MediaMath, shed light on the company’s current status and its integration with Infillion. He confirmed that efforts are underway to bring employees back, with a few new hires already in place. While some employees are eager to return, others are more cautious.

Regarding business partnerships, he acknowledged that reinstating relationships with partner vendors could be awkward. However, many are enthusiastic about reactivating the platform as it generates revenue for them. MediaMath’s addition to Infillion provides global scale and self-service capabilities, aligning with the demand for self-service buying in programmatic advertising.

Emrich highlighted the advantage of integrating MediaMath with Infillion’s ad products, emphasizing hyper-localized ad targeting and closed-loop attribution, which can enhance campaign results for MediaMath customers.

Regarding AdCast, he indicated that it might still have a role, particularly with unique client integrations. However, some of their own tech may eventually be deprecated as integration plans evolve. The overarching goal is to retain the best assets from both tech stacks. 

Additionally, US-based ad-tech firm ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX) and its owner Big Village filed for bankruptcy in February of this year. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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