iSpot’s acquisition of 605 expands TV measurement and boosts market share

iSpot, a leading TV ad measurement company, has made a significant move in the world of TV measurement and attribution with its acquisition of 605. This strategic acquisition enhances iSpot’s data capabilities and extends its reach in the sell-side market, solidifying its position in TV measurement and currency.

605 brings valuable licensed set-top box data from Charter, covering 16.6 million homes, to iSpot’s already substantial US household footprint of 82.7 million. This acquisition is iSpot’s largest to date, showcasing its commitment to data-driven TV measurement.

iSpot’s CEO, Sean Muller, emphasizes the importance of big data in the future of TV measurement. This includes viewership data and census-level data from third-party sources. The acquisition of 605 aligns with this vision as it bolsters iSpot’s capabilities in harnessing data for more comprehensive measurement. 

605’s data, which includes insights from partners like Inscape, complements iSpot’s existing attribution product, primarily based on first-party data. This synergy allows iSpot to offer marketers a deeper understanding of consumer behavior, aiding in campaign planning and measurement based on purchase consideration and sales.

Both iSpot and 605 share a focus on outcomes-based measurement. By linking TV ad exposures with third-party data sets, such as search, location, and sales data, they can provide attribution across various advertiser verticals without relying solely on first-party data. This approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of brand investments.

605’s platform enables clients to build advanced audience segments using third-party data directly within its system, a feature not currently offered by iSpot. This capability streamlines the planning process and enhances iSpot’s planning capabilities.

While most of iSpot’s clients are on the demand side, 605 derives most of its revenue from the sell side, with major TV networks using its outcomes-based measurement. This acquisition significantly increases iSpot’s market share on the sell side, ensuring it can cater to both sides of the transaction effectively.

The acquisition brings all 85 of 605’s employees into iSpot, strengthening its workforce. Dolan Family Ventures, a backer of 605, will remain a minority investor in the combined company. iSpot’s immediate priorities include incorporating 605’s tech stack and rolling out joint ad products for both buyers and sellers. The two tech stacks are expected to be fully integrated by next year, with upgraded attribution capabilities arriving soon.

iSpot’s acquisition of 605 marks a transformative step in the TV measurement landscape, emphasizing the importance of data, outcomes-based measurement, and balanced support for both demand and sell-side clients. 

Last year, iSpot announced a $325 million investment from Goldman Sachs. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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