MediaMath’s assets acquired by Infillion following chapter 11 filing

After recently filing for Chapter 11 protection, MediaMath has found its ad tech assets a new home in Infillion. The video ad tech company’s bid of $22 million for MediaMath’s DSP and DMP assets received the green light from a Delaware bankruptcy court on Wednesday.

Laurel Rossi, Chief Marketing Officer at Infillion, conveyed enthusiasm about the acquisition, saying, “We’re excited about acquiring MediaMath and look forward to unveiling more details soon.”

This transition marks a substantial shift for MediaMath, once a dominant player in the ad tech sector. The Infillion bid signifies a mere 2% of MediaMath’s former valuation peak at $1 billion.

In a fresh twist, Rob Emrich, Infillion’s founder and executive chairman, envisions a positive trajectory for MediaMath’s future under new leadership. Emrich boldly projected that MediaMath’s tech stack could yield around $1 billion from “inventory traffic, data fees, and hosting contracts over the next five years.”

Infillion’s strategic move to incorporate MediaMath into its ad tech arsenal is a calculated one. Infillion emerged as a result of the merger between Gimbal, a location data company, and TrueX, a video ad tech platform known for its interactive ad units. TrueX was acquired from Disney by Gimbal in 2020. MediaMath’s 15-year-old demand-side platform seamlessly complements Infillion’s existing programmatic ad tech offerings.

The fate of MediaMath’s outstanding debts, totaling $125 million owed to former SSP partners, hangs in the balance post-acquisition. Speculation is rife that Infillion might explore the revival of these partnerships, although the company has remained tight-lipped about any plans regarding the unpaid dues.

Irrespective of these uncertainties, Infillion stands confidently poised to breathe new life into MediaMath’s ad tech operations and embark on an exciting new chapter.

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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