Global retailers embrace AI to transform shopping experience -report

The recent Connected Shoppers Report by Salesforce provides interesting insights into the changing landscape of shopping. The report indicates that a larger majority of retailers, more than 90%, are embracing AI technology to enhance the shopping experience. This means using smart computers to make shopping better and easier. 

Furthermore, many of these retailers are setting up special networks for advertising. These networks help stores show ads to people in better ways. It’s like when you see ads on social media or other places online. 

The report also shows that a lot of shoppers, around 80%, expect the same good service no matter where they are in a store. Whether they are looking at things online or actually walking into a shop, they want the shopping experience to be consistent.

Interestingly, a growing number of people, about 60%, have bought things because of social media. This is a big jump from just a couple of years ago. This means that ads on platforms like Facebook or Instagram are getting people interested in buying stuff.

People are also using their smartphones while shopping in real stores. Store workers are using their phones more too. It’s like phones are becoming important tools for shopping.

Another thing the report found is that if someone has three bad experiences with a brand, they won’t want to shop there anymore. This shows how important it is for stores to make sure their customers are happy. Around 60% of stores are working on making the different ways they talk to customers better. They want to make sure that people get good information and help, whether they are in the store or online.

The way people find things to buy is also changing. People are using social media and even live streams to discover products. They are buying things on these platforms more than before.

People are starting to use something called GenAI to get new ideas. It’s like a computer helper that can suggest things to buy. Some people have already used it when deciding to buy something. Stores also want to make shopping feel special for each person. They want to suggest things that someone might like, just like when a friend recommends something.

Many stores are using something called retail media networks. These networks use information about how people shop to show them ads. This helps stores make more money and show people ads that are interesting to them.

The widespread popularity of online shopping is leading applications to improve themselves in this field. For instance, just last month, Pinterest introduced its new mobile deep-linking support to help brands drive potential shoppers from the popular image sharing platform to their own mobile apps. Also, TikTok is experimenting with a new in-app shopping section, where it’s planning to offer and sell the products of its parent company ByteDance.

Additionally, earlier this year, a report showed retail spending reached $1.09 trillion in the US in 2022, surpassing the 1 trillion milestone for the first time ever. In the first quarter of 2023, Chinese mobile apps generated more than half of all the downloads for the top retail apps in the US. And, PayPal is the top choice for US-based wallet users for online shopping. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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