Gen X is most likely to make in-app purchases

Tel Aviv-based app business company ironSource and its subsidiary Tapjoy have released two new reports, shedding light on the latest app monetization and discovery trends.

According to the Monetization report, Generation X, which covers those that were born between 1965-1981, is the most likely generation to make in-app purchases ‘’occasionally’’ or ‘’often’’. However, they also prefer the ad-supported model to IAP.

24% of Generation Z, or Zoomers, said that they prefer a one-time fee to remove all ads, unlike the majority of other age groups.

In addition, 78% of mobile gamers that participated in the study said they download free apps, 52% said they prefer apps that offer in-app purchases, and 17% said they use subscription-based apps. Meanwhile, 76% of non-gaming app users said they download free apps, 46% prefer free apps with IAP, and 18% use paid apps.

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The companies also examined how app spending habits have changed over the last five years. 43% of mobile gamers surveyed now download more free apps, 17% now make more in-app purchases while 10% make less. Meanwhile, 33% of the non-gaming apps audience now download more free apps, 15% of them make more in-app purchases while 19% of them make less.

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35% of gamers & 32% of non-gamers never pay for apps

35% of mobile gamers surveyed said that they never pay for apps. 20% said they tend to pay up to 5% and 18% said they’re okay with paying around $1. When it comes to in-app purchases, 37% of them make purchases of a few dollars once in a while, 16% tend to make a payment of $10-$20, while 28% reported they never pay for in-app purchases.

32% of non-gamers surveyed, on the other hand, never pay for apps, 17% of them are fine with paying up to 5% and 15% pay around $1. 28% of them also said they make occasional in-app purchases of a few dollars each time, 15% make purchases of $10-$20, and 27% of them never make in-app purchases.

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70% of mobile gamers download apps after seeing mobile ads

According to the companies’ App Discovery report, 70% of mobile gamers that took part in the survey said they downloaded apps after seeing mobile ads that promoted them.

Meanwhile, consumers think interactive ads, video ads and app store ads like Apple’s Search Ads help them the most in discovering new apps. 

When it comes to rewarded ads, 36% of gamers and 33% of non-gamers said they grab their attention more than other ad types. 

And 32% of gamers said they prefer app store ads, while 21% of non-gamers prefer both video ads and app store promotions. 

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The majority of survey participants reported having more than 20 apps on their mobile devices. However, 39%-50% of them use only 5-10 apps on a daily basis.

Among non-gaming app users, surprisingly, mobile gaming and social media are the most popular app genres, with 60% of them saying they play mobile games and 60% using social media apps on a daily basis. Meanwhile, 51% of them use communication apps, 36% use streaming entertainment apps like Netflix and Spotify, and 32% use live streaming apps like YouTube and Twitch.

72% of mobile gamers, on the other hand, use social media apps, 69% play mobile games,  59% use communication apps, 36% use streaming entertainment apps and 34% use live streaming apps daily.

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Written by Tuna Cetin


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