7 Free Coloring Apps for Adults

Coloring, whether through traditional means or digital platforms, provides various advantages. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and fosters mindfulness. It enhances creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills. Coloring stimulates cognitive functions, such as concentration and problem-solving. It serves as an emotional outlet, allowing individuals to express themselves visually. Coloring can be a social activity, encouraging interaction and communication. It is accessible and portable, making it convenient for individuals of all ages. Overall, coloring offers a versatile and enjoyable way to relax, express creativity, and promote overall well-being.

If you like or wonder about coloring apps for adults, you’re at the right place. These digital platforms offer a plethora of intricate designs and patterns, allowing you to unleash your inner artist with just a few taps on your device. In this article, we covered popular free coloring apps for adults. Without further ado, here are some free coloring apps for adults!

Colorfy: Coloring Book Games

Colorfy is a popular art and coloring game that offers a wide range of designs, making it one of the best choices among free coloring apps for adults. With its diverse collection of complex mandalas, animals, patterns, and florals, Colorfy provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience for users looking to unwind and express their creativity. This digital coloring app eliminates the hassle of carrying physical books and pencils, offering a convenient and user-friendly alternative. Regular updates ensure a variety of designs suitable for all ages. 

Colorfy: Coloring Book Games on Google Play

Colorfy: Coloring Book Games on the App Store


ColorMe 1

ColorMe stands out as a top family coloring app, offering a variety of engaging features for both kids and adults seeking a relaxing coloring experience. With a wide selection of handcrafted coloring pages featuring animals, mandalas, faces, and more, ColorMe ensures there’s something for everyone. The user-friendly interface allows for easy painting and zooming, while the extensive color palette provides endless creative possibilities. Regular updates bring new images and categories, keeping the app fresh and exciting. Users can share their creations with loved ones and enjoy this free coloring app for adults and kids alike. ColorMe is an excellent app for those seeking therapeutic coloring sessions and stress relief.

ColorMe on Google Play

ColorMe on the App Store

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Happy Color

Happy Color

Happy Color is a fantastic free coloring app for adults that seamlessly blends digital art games with captivating paint-by-number puzzles. This adult coloring book app offers an extensive collection of exclusive designs, ranging from nature and fashion to beloved Disney and Marvel characters. With its user-friendly interface, Happy Color provides an enjoyable and relaxing experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. The app also supports charitable causes, making it a feel-good choice for art enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking entertainment, stress relief, or a creative outlet, Happy Color is a magnificent option among free coloring apps.

Happy Color on Google Play

Happy Color on the App Store



Pigment is a fabulous coloring book app for adults, offering a serene and immersive experience that helps reduce stress and anxiety. With over 2,200 professionally illustrated pages, including a wide range of themes like flowers, animals, and mandalas, Pigment ensures endless creative possibilities. Whether you prefer the ‘tap-to-fill’ method or want to emulate the feel of coloring on paper using 21 different pencils, markers, and brushes, Pigment provides a realistic and engaging coloring experience. The app allows users to share their finished masterpieces easily and even print them out to display or gift to loved ones. With premium access, you can enjoy unlimited access to the entire library and exclusive features. 

Pigment on Google Play

Pigment on the App Store

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Paint.ly – Paint by Number

Paint.ly is a highly popular free coloring game that offers a delightful and immersive coloring experience for adults and children alike. With a vast collection of over 1000 pictures spanning various categories like animals, mandalas, and food, Paint.ly ensures endless creative possibilities. Whether you prefer painting by number or solving jigsaw puzzles with coloring, this app provides a user-friendly interface that makes painting a breeze. Daily updates guarantee fresh content to explore, while the convenience of any time, anywhere coloring adds to its appeal. With its simple yet engaging features, Paint.ly is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a top-quality free coloring app for adults.

Paint.ly – Paint by Number on Google Play

Paint.ly – Paint by Number on the App Store

ColorPlanet® Paint by Number

ColorPlanet is the hot new paint-by-number game that offers a delightful and convenient coloring experience for adults. With over 5,000 unique coloring pages, the app stands out from other painting games, ensuring endless options to paint by numbers. The easy-to-use interface and magic color palettes make coloring a breeze, while fresh new coloring pages are added daily. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or a creative outlet, ColorPlanet provides a variety of categories, including mandalas, animals, and beautiful scenery.  

ColorPlanet® Paint by Number on Google Play

ColorPlanet® Paint by Number on the App Store

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Recolor – Anti-Stress Coloring

Recolor is a marvelous coloring book app for adults, offering over 5000 unique and professionally designed coloring pages. With the daily free images, you can enjoy four free coloring images every day until the next release. The app allows you to import your photos and drawings, giving you endless opportunities to personalize and share your creations. Join the vibrant coloring community and browse through a wide range of categories, including mandalas, animals, fantasy, and more. With over 70 palettes, 80 stunning effects, and customizable options, Recolor provides an immersive and stress-relieving coloring experience. 

Recolor – Anti-Stress Coloring on Google Play

Recolor – Anti-Stress Coloring on the App Store

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