The 7 Best Calligraphy Apps

Calligraphy, which is a handicraft, is a significant part of visual arts and calligraphy varies from nation to nation. The most popular types of Calligraphy that have proven themselves in the world are Greek calligraphy, Japanese calligraphy, Hebrew calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy, and Arabic calligraphy. Handicraft calligraphy, frequently preferred as a hobby, has now become more accessible with the development of technology. Calligraphy apps have various calligraphy and can be used for names, brands, and more. We have reviewed and listed the most popular ones for you. Here are the best calligraphy apps!

Calligraphy Art – Flourish

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $3.99

Calligraphy Art – Flourish is a digital calligraphy app appropriate for phones and tablets. The app has 52 tracking letters, lowercase, and uppercase. Users can add progressive cursive loops to the beginning and end of words, giving letters an artistic look in Calligraphy Art – Flourish. The app offers users traditional pens, swirl letters, italic styles, and more. Users can effortlessly save letterforms to the gallery with Calligraphy Art – Flourish.

Calligraphy Art – Flourish on Google Play

Calligraphy Art – Flourish on the App Store

Calligraphy – Art Maker

Price: Free


Calligraphy – Art Maker is one of the best calligraphy apps that combine text with visual art. The app provides users with beginner techniques to make the basic alphabet and letter format of calligraphy. Users will get access to free, fancy fonts and beautiful background effects in Calligraphy – Art Maker. The app provides users with gradients and background canvas effects so users can create their own story artwork. Users can use their own gallery images as backgrounds in the app.

In addition, Calligraphy – Art Maker has a diverse library of calligraphy fonts, lovely gradients, beautiful canvas, eye-catching stickers, text with color selection, and more. Users can easily save their art to their galleries and share it with their loved ones on social platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Calligraphy – Art Maker on the App Store

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Price: Free


Calligrapher is a successful app for creating calligraphic prints and drawings and is among the best calligraphy apps. The tools in the app are on a transparent background, so users have easy and convenient access to the toolbar. Calligrapher has four different functional pencils: simple pencil, pencil, thin pencil, and wide pencil.

Calligrapher on Google Play

Calligraphy Name: Art Maker

Price: Free

Calligraphy Name Art Maker

Calligraphy Name: Art Maker is an app that brings the basic alphabet and forms of calligraphy to users and offers basic techniques. Users can create eye-catching cards in Calligraphy Name: Art Maker and use symbols to embellish the name. The app provides users with opportunities in name art, name design, funny writing, quotes, advertising posters, special invitations, and many more. Users can create mail or card designs for love letters, wedding letters, greeting cards, party letters, invitation letters, and more with Calligraphy Name: Art Maker.

Moreover, Calligraphy Name: Art Maker has an easy-to-understand and beautiful interface. The app has brush presets, backgrounds, overlays, textures, and more. With Calligraphy Name: Art Maker, users can access a variety of calligraphy fonts and effects, a collection of legend stickers, great decoration materials, and more. Calligraphy Name: Art Maker allows users to share their works on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms.

Calligraphy Name Art Maker on the App Store

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Price: Free


Stylograph is a calligraphy app with lots of colors, pens, and writing styles and deserves to be among the best calligraphy apps. Stylograph provides unique calligraphy fonts for those who love and want to explore the art of calligraphy. Users will have access to more than 20 calligraphy writing style font exercises in Stylograph. The app provides users with more than 20 color and pen size customization options. Users can practice alphabets, numbers, and special words with Stylograph, and the app provides accuracy checking while writing.

Stylograph on Google Play

Calligraphy Name

Price: Free

Calligraphy Name

Calligraphy Name is a pretty easy-to-use, popular, and understandable calligraphy app. Calligraphy has 100 different backgrounds for texts and offers more than 50 excellent fonts. Users can change texts effortlessly. The app allows users to save artwork and share them on social media.

Calligraphy Name on the App Store

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Price: Free

LazyDog is an effective app that allows you to love and learn the art of calligraphy and stands out among the best calligraphy apps. The app includes a basic script, copperplate (round hand), blackletter (gothic script), and italic (chancery script). LazyDog offers individual letter scores so users can track their progress.

LazyDog on Google Play

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