The 9 Best Avatar Creator Apps

How about making your avatar and sharing it with your friends? Try to emulate it yourself, choose from style to hair color, and send it to your loved ones. Avatars, which have recently started to replace emojis, are quite sincere and an extremely great way to pass emotions to the other side. Well, if you are wondering which of the many apps suits your style, keep reading! Here are the avatar creator apps we prepared for you!


Price: Free

Bitmoji is your personal emoji app that will play a big role in expressing your emotions. Users can create cartoon avatars that reflect their own style. Bitmoji has a giant sticker library and offers stickers to suit every occasion and emotion. Also, this avatar maker app can be used in Snapchat as well as other chat apps. Visit Bitmoji’s website for more detailed information about the app.

Bitmoji on the App Store

Bitmoji on the Google Play

Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Emoji 

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $59.99

Avatoon Avatar Creator Emoji

Avatoon: Avatar Creator Emoji has a fantastic avatar generator and powerful photo editing tools. Users can make realistic avatars with Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Emoji and use them as emojis or to colorize their profile photos. Users can edit their avatar’s expressions, backgrounds, and poses in Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Emoji. The app offers customization with hair, clothes, makeup, and more when creating avatars, so users can create awesome avatars that look just like them. Browse the website of the app to learn more detailed information about the app.

Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Emoji on the App Store

Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Emoji on the Google Play

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Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $39.99


MojiPop is among the avatar-creator apps that allow you to spice up your daily chats. Users can create thousands of cartoons and animated stickers using their instant faces with MojiPop. The app offers the ability to place avatar stickers on the keyboard for easy access during a chat, so you can use your fun avatars without interrupting chats. For more detailed information, check out MojiPop’s website.

MojiPop on the App Store

MojiPop on the Google Play


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $89.99

ZEPETO is a unique avatar generator that offers a global platform with 300 million people. Users can use their imagination to experience free and endless avatar customizations with ZEPETO. The app provides to make friends, take pictures, complete fun tasks, and more. Users can make friends and communicate in real-time with users from all over the world in ZEPETO.

ZEPETO on the App Store

ZEPETO on the Google Play

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Mirror: Avatar & Sticker Maker

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $44.99

Mirror Avatar Sticker Maker

Mirror: Avatar & Sticker Maker is a popular app and deserves to be among avatar creator apps. The app offers its users to create characters, cute pictures, memes, memoji AR stickers, large emoji stickers, and fantasy avatars. Users can easily use their avatars by creating a shortcut on the keyboard. The app can create realistic avatars with a single picture with its awesome face recognition feature. Check out Mirror: Avatar & Sticker Maker’s website for more information.

Mirror: Avatar & Sticker Maker on the App Store

Mirror: Avatar & Sticker Maker on Google Play


Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $6.99

Dollify is a cute way to express yourself. The app offers easy-to-use and 14 different categories that support your creativity. Users can create thousands of eye-catching combinations with many products and beautiful color variations on Dollify. This avatar creator app gives a friendly experience to its users. Visit Dollify’s website to learn more detailed information about the app.

Dollify on the App Store

Dollify on the Google Play

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Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji 

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

Avatar Cartoon Maker Zmoji

Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji is one of the avatar creator apps with magnificent features. Users can create fun, cool, and unusual avatars quickly and effortlessly with Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji. The app has a sticker-making feature so users can create impressive emojis and GIFs, add them directly to their keyboards and quickly share them with their loved ones. Users can create a live cartoon avatar by cartooning themselves in Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji.

In addition, Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji’s premium includes unlimited avatar creators, tons of accessories, cool features like outfits, and custom theme emojis. The subscription automatically renews and costs $99.99 per year. Browse Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji’s website to learn more about the app.

Avatar & Cartoon Maker: Zmoji on the App Store

Avatar Maker Creator: SuperMe

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $9.99

Avatar Maker Creator SuperMe

Avatar Maker Creator: SuperMe is one of the apps that allows you to make realistic anime cartoon avatars. The app starts by offering a choice of male and female avatars and offers customization features such as thousands of hairstyles, cute faces, and emoticons. Users can express their avatars with eyes, mouths, and eyebrows that look confused, smiling, and scared. Avatar Maker Creator: SuperMe offers personalization from skin color to clothing style and allows users to choose the background color and style. Users can save their created avatars and share them via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, weChat, or via email, SMS, and Bluetooth. To learn more about Avatar Maker Creator: SuperMe, check out the website of the app.

Avatar Maker Creator: SuperMe on the App Store

Avatar Maker Creator: SuperMe on the Google Play

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Anime Avatar maker

Price: Free

Anime Avatar maker

Anime Avatar maker is an app for anime lovers to make avatars with pleasure and has a special place among avatar creator apps. The app offers accessories, hairstyles, eyebrows, horns, stitches, outfits, and more, and allows users to customize their avatars. Users can create avatars that reflect their style or avatars of their dreams on Anime Avatar maker.

Anime Avatar maker on the Google Play

Expressing your personality and style through avatars has never been more enjoyable, thanks to the diverse range of avatar creator apps available on mobile devices. Whether you prefer a realistic representation or a charming cartoon character, these apps empower you to unleash your creativity and stand out in the digital landscape. Download one of these best avatar creator apps today and embark on a personalized journey to showcase the virtual version of yourself. The possibilities are endless, and your digital identity awaits a touch of uniqueness!

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