TikTok’s revamped creator fund sparks a 250% surge in total creator revenue in the last 6 months

TikTok has disclosed that its revamped creator fund has propelled total creator revenue by 250% over the past six months, and the number of creators making $50,000 each month nearly doubled. The fund, initially introduced a year ago to supersede TikTok’s original $1 billion Creator Fund, is poised to exit beta testing in the coming weeks with a new name: Creator Rewards Program. 

“The Creator Rewards Program will continue rewarding high-quality, original content over a minute long with an optimized rewards formula focused on 4 key areas: originality, play duration, search value and audience engagement,” TikTok said in a blog post. The platform reports a noteworthy shift in user behavior, with 50% of users dedicating their time to longer content and a nearly 40% surge in viewership of extended videos in the last half-year.

TikTok has also revealed plans to broaden the LIVE Subscription feature as the newly designed Subscription to make it available to non-LIVE creators on TikTok. Initially limited to invite-only creators, Subscription will soon open up for eligible creators in the following weeks. 

TikTok is also upgrading its Creator Portal education hub to the Creator Academy. This revamped hub, currently in testing, is set to launch in the coming weeks in seven different languages, with more languages slated for inclusion. The upgraded Creator Academy will offer creators an enriched resource pool, diverse courses, insightful articles, and up-to-date information to further elevate their creative endeavors on the platform.

“We’re excited to continue seeing creators find success using our monetization offerings to turn their passions into careers, unlock life-changing opportunities, and drive meaningful impact. We’ll continue listening to our community for feedback to help inform our decisions, fueling our innovation to provide better ways for our creators to earn and grow, and build an experience that adds value to creators and viewers alike,” TikTok said.

Written by Maya Robertson


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