The 9 Best Sticker Apps for WhatsApp

One of the most popular features of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app with nearly 3 billion annual users, is sharing stickers. Thanks to WhatsApp stickers, it is possible to show tens of words of emotion with a single sticker.

WhatsApp offers many different stickers so that you can use this feature to the fullest. You can even download ready-made sticker packs from app stores. There are also many different mobile apps where you can create stickers for yourself. Here are the best sticker apps you can use to create WhatsApp stickers and their main features.

The Best Sticker Apps for WhatsApp

  1. Stickerrs
  3. Sticker Maker by Stickify
  4. Sticker maker by Vico & Co
  5. Sticker Maker !
  6. Sticker Make for WhatsApp
  7. Sticker Maker – WAStickers
  8. Animated Sticker Maker (FSM)
  9. Sticker Maker for WhatsApp


Stickerrs: The ultimate sticker app for iOS & Android, seamlessly integrated with Telegram, WhatsApp, and iMessage. Discover a vast library of high-quality, expressive stickers to elevate your conversations and connect with others like never before! 💬🚀

Download Stickerrs

Stickerly Sticker Maker – Sticker Maker offers its users one of the largest archives of WhatsApp stickers. You can choose the most suitable one among millions of stickers, or you can make your own. First set a name for your package. Then cut out your photos to create the basis for your own sticker and decorate it with text and characters. Here it is ready.

Notable Features

  • Billions of meme animated stickers to use in chats and status
  • Ability to follow your favorite makers or artists to receive new stickers quickly
  • Support for animated stickers from videos with new Auto Cut technology
  • Easy export to WhatsApp and Telegram
  • Community building support on the App Store on Google Play

Sticker Maker by Stickify

Stickify Sticker Maker

With Stickify’s Sticker Maker, one of the best sticker apps for WhatsApp, you can edit your WhatsApp stickers, make stickers from GIFs and videos, erase the background of your photos with the crop and eraser tool, customize your stickers with special structure types, and make your stickers the most fun using funny decorations. and you can access the stickers you create at any time by arranging them in separate packages. In the app, it is also possible to share the sticker packs you create with your friends.

Notable Features

  • Ability to save stickers from WhatsApp chats
  • Support to create animated stickers from GIFs and videos
  • Ability to erase image background
  • Ability to add text to stickers with custom fonts and colors

Sticker Maker by Stickify on Google Play

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Sticker maker by Vico & Co

Sticker maker

If you are looking for a meme or sticker that is completely special for you, the Sticker Maker mobile app is for you. It is possible to create your own sticker from any uploaded photo on your device. After choosing the photo you want to make a sticker, crop it nicely, customize it with countless characters to make it unique and start using it in WhatsApp conversations right away.

Sticker maker by Vico & Co on Google Play

Sticker Maker ! 

Sticker Maker 1

Offering thousands of WhatsApp and iMessage stickers, the app’s features include cropping tool and background removal. One of the best sticker apps for WhatsApp, Sticker Maker ! also allows you to add text to stickers and transfer them to WhatsApp easily. With the community feature it offers, you can share the original stickers you created with the community and browse through the shared ones.

Notable Features

  • Ability to convert videos to animated stickers
  • Ability to create list of your favorite sticker packs
  • Ability to create stickers from your gallery or instant camera photos 

Sticker Maker ! on the App Store

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Sticker Make for WhatsApp

Sticker Maker-Create stickers draws attention with the frequent updates of the tools it offers to its users. After downloading the app, select the image you want to make a sticker from, crop it as you wish, customize the image you created using the sticker maker tool, transfer it to WhatsApp, and start using it as you wish. Moreover, it is possible to share the sticker packs you create with your friends.

Sticker Make for WhatsApp on Google Play

Sticker Maker – WAStickers

Zipo says that thanks to its easy and user-friendly interface, even those who say they don’t understand these things can easily create their own stickers. It even gives an assertive time like a minute on this subject. Thanks to the ready-made designs, you can quickly customize your own sticker by using the creator tool after choosing the image you want to make a sticker for. Moreover, it is possible to share the sticker packs you create with your friends.

  • Photo crop and background erasing support
  • Support for adding personalized text with different fonts and styles
  • Ability to add emojis 
  • Customization options for emojis and photos with hue, color, and saturation changes

Sticker Maker – WAStickers on Google Play

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Animated Sticker Maker (FSM)

Animated Sticker Maker FSM mobile app, as the name suggests, offers its users the opportunity to make chirpy stickers instead of still images. You can create stickers from GIFs, videos, and photos in your gallery, or you can make your own stickers using GIFs on the GIPHY platform and customize them as you wish using the tools. Moreover, it is possible to share the sticker packs you create with your friends.

Animated Sticker Maker (FSM) on Google Play

Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

With Sticker Maker for WhatsApp, you can create your own memes and stickers, crop your images with its special tools, customize them using special emojis and texts, and draw on the stickers you have prepared. Moreover, you can create unlimited stickers with the app.

Notable Features

  • Support both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business
  • Ability to crop the portrait or object with hand free, circle or square easily 
  • Holiday and birthday decorations to make holiday stickers
  • Support to add text to your stickers with customized colors and fonts
  • Ability to draw on the stickers
  • No limits for the sticker packs

Sticker Maker for WhatsApp on Google Play

We have come to the end of our list of the best sticker apps for WhatsApp. Which is your favorite? Is there another app that you think should be on the list? We welcome your valuable comments below. 

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