Clash Royale hits $4B in gross revenue 

Sensor Tower shared that Clash Royale has reached an amazing achievement – it’s made a whopping $4 billion in lifetime revenue. The game, which is made by Supercell, has done something special by hitting the $4 billion milestone. Only 15 other games have made this much money. Some of these games, like Genshin Impact, reached this goal in just 26 months after they started. PUBG Mobile did it in 32 months, and Clash of Clans, which is like Clash Royale’s older sibling, reached this goal in 43 months. The game that took the longest is Gardenscapes, which needed 88 months to get there. 

Clash Royale did it in 92 months, so it’s not the fastest, but it’s still a huge accomplishment. Just in the last part of 2021, the game got $160 million. This shows how much money mobile games can make as long as they cater to people’s mobile gaming needs and keep them interested. 

This also shows that people really like playing games on their phones and tablets. It’s important for the games to keep changing and getting better so that players stay interested. Clash Royale does this by making regular updates and having exciting events that players can take part in.

Other games related to Clash Royale, like Clash Quest and Clash Mini, didn’t do as well in terms of making money. Clash Quest stopped after making only $4 million in 18 months. Clash Mini, which started in November 2021, has only made $2.7 million so far. When we compare this to Clash Royale’s $1.7 billion in the same time, we see the challenges these games face.

Another game reaching the $4 billion milestone is a big reminder that the world of games is changing and growing. It also shows that mobile games are an important part of the gaming landscape overall. 

A recent report indicates that mobile games make up around 30% of subscription apps. And, although another recent report shows the gaming industry experiences decline in investments in Q1 2023, mobile gaming remains sturdy, serving as a testament to its lasting relevance in the industry landscape. 

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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