TikTok surpasses Twitter, Facebook & Instagram in brand engagement

Image Source: Rival IQ

While brands shared less content on TikTok in 2022, the popular short video app still has the highest engagement rate compared to Elon Musk’s Twitter and Meta’s Facebook & Instagram.

That’s according to RivaIQ’s new Social Media Industry Benchmark report, for which the company analyzed data from more than 2,000 companies across 14 industries.

The report found that TikTok, which became the most downloaded app worldwide last year, had the highest per-post engagement rate of 5.69% among all the platforms included in the study, although it also had the lowest activity rate of 1.75.

Instagram’s engagement rate decreased by 30% Y/Y to 0.47%, while Twitter’s dropped slightly to 0.035%, and Facebook’s remained stable at 0.06%.

Image Source Rival IQ

Meanwhile, brands’ average post frequency remained the same at 4.6 on Instagram, but dropped to 5 on Facebook, and 3.9 on Twitter. 

Image Source Rival IQ

The report also revealed the industries that had the highest engagement rates on each of these platforms.

PlatformIndustries with the Highest Engagement RatesEngagement Rates
TikTokHigher Education, Sports Teams16.26%, 9.2%
FacebookSports Teams, Influencers0.24%, 0.20%
InstagramHigher Education, Sports Teams2.58%, 1.49%
TwitterHigher Education, Sports Teams0.058%, 0.078%
Source: Rival IQ

You can check out Rival IQ’s report for more details.

Written by Maya Robertson


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