The 10 Best Survival Games for PC

Survival genre, one of the most popular genres in the game world, allows players to apply their own gameplay scheme and lifestyle, as well as a more realistic experience. For this reason, such productions, which offer a more free gameplay experience compared to other game types, can also attract the attention of many players.

We have included the 10 best paid games in our list of the best survival games for PC. If you are looking for the best free survival games, you can check out this list. Have fun!

The Best Survival Games for PC 

The Forest

The Forest, which is a game that is generally played at night with friends over Discord, is one of the most popular and beloved productions of the survival genre. The production, which managed to attract players with its interesting story and entertaining gameplay, will also have a sequel under the name Sons of the Forest.


Valheim, a Viking-themed survival game, may attract the attention of players who are interested in Scandinavian Mythology. The production, which has become one of the most popular productions of the last period and managed to make a name for itself, stands out with its war, construction and various gameplay mechanics. The game, which you can play with many of your friends, even allows you to build huge castles.

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Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together, which has managed to maintain its popularity since its release and has managed to gain a lot of space on social media, is a challenging survival game with plenty of details. This production, which you can play alone or with your friends, manages to attract attention with its original art design and gameplay.


Minecraft, one of the legendary games of the game world and one of the rare games released for almost every platform, is one of the indispensables of our list of the best survival games. The production, which can offer one of the most exciting survival experiences with its endless options and freedom, is an adventure that all players should experience.

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Unlike the other games on the list, Frostpunk, a city building and survival game that focuses on the strategy side, has a structure that can affect you more deeply than you can imagine. This production, in which you are the manager of the last city standing in the world, has a strong narrative language that will force you to make tough decisions and sometimes make you question your conscience.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty, which was released in full version in the past months after a long early access process, can be a good choice for survival lovers looking for a realistic medieval experience. If you want to get lost in a big open world and are interested in heavy games, you can give Medieval Dynasty a chance.

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The Long Dark

The Long Dark, which is about a post-apocalyptic period, is a production where the actor and nature are literally alone. The production, which has very difficult conditions and a first-person perspective, offers the players tough challenges; It is one of the rare productions that manages to make these struggles feel to the end and to face the difficulties. It can be an indispensable choice for those looking for a challenging survival experience.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid, one of the most loved survival games in the game world, is a game with a really high level of detail, despite the really long / ongoing early access process and many misfortunes. Although it has an isometric camera angle, it manages to draw the player inside itself thanks to its tension-filled atmosphere and gameplay that focuses on realism.

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Despite the current technology in 2022, only a small part of the world’s oceans and the creatures living in these oceans have been discovered, and you can guess the intriguing and mysterious story that Subnautica contains. The production, which managed to make its mark among the most successful survival games of recent years, promises an endless adventure of discovery.

ARK: Survival Evolved

One of the most popular productions of the survival genre, ARK is about a world where dinosaurs continue to exist. You start the game completely naked, with nothing, and embark on your adventure in this huge world. The learning threshold is a bit difficult; However, ARK, which has become indispensable after getting used to it, combines the survival genre with its open world and detailed building elements.

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